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Sebastian Bloodwyn is the live in Son-in-law of the Lincolnshire Family. As a man with nothing attached to his name, Sebastian faced ridicule from his in-laws and to an extent his wife. One day, during the ceremony to commemorate the first lord of Chaos, Sebastian musters up the courage to stand for himself, unbeknownst to him, his life would drastically change as he finds himself caught in a crossfire between the Fifth Lord and The Sixth Lord.

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Chapter 1: The New Sixth Lord
“Here’s to lord Emerich 100 years as the keeper of peace”Loud cheers ripped across the rather heavily occupied hall. 100 years ago the first vampire, one of the five military forces governing the supernatural world decided they had enough blood on their hands, and thus the first ever unity, also known as the peace trinity was brought into existence.A man with blond hair and crimson eyes stepped onto the stage, his face expressing nothing but bliss. As the first vampire to be recognized as the strongest military force Emerich felt proud to be a revolutionary figure in each race's progressionSqueals from fan girls tore through the roof as Emerich took a stand on the pedestal beside a woman with crimson hair and equally crimson eyes. Sebastian’s onyx eyes stared at the pedestal, his eyes were heavily focused on Emerich, most importantly where his hand was. He gritted his teeth, he knew that the woman he called wife did not care one bit about his emotions, the triumphant look directed
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Chapter 2: The Epitome Of Rags To Riches
“Ugh!” Sebastian groaned as he opened his eyes. He shut them afterward as the sun settled into them.He got up from the ground and opened his eyes, his vision now adjusted to the brightness around him. He looked around and his eyebrows went up as he creased his forehead muscles in confusion.He was in the same place he was the night before. He tried to remember what had happened, but his memory was foggy.A patrol car stopped beside him and the driver-side window rolled down as the policeman inside looked at him. “Young man, what happened here last night?”“I don't know. I was just passing here when you stopped me.” Sebastian lied, half of his statement was true since he didn't know what happened, and the other half was false. He was not passing there, he had been there for over 12 hours.The policeman took his answer as genuine and told him to take care of himself. The patrol car took off, leaving Sebastian alone.Sebastian sighed once more and retrieved his wallet from his pocket. H
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Chapter 3: Even A Lamb Can Turn On A Wicked Shepard
Sebastian got to his feet shaking his head to clear the cobwebs that infiltrated his head when he hit the wall. He glanced at whatever threw him and scoffed. Kain stood before Leona who was shocked at what had happened, around him were several individuals wearing robes that fell into their faces, clandestineing their features. He grabbed Leona by the hair and dragged her to her feet after she fell when he threw Sebastian. “It's nice, isn't it? The secret technique cultivated by my father, the iron touch. But since I can't humiliate you, I'll humiliate her instead.” Kain said as his eyes widened, a gleam of insanity flashing deep within them. He placed his right hand on Leon's stomach and the alchemic runes on his body glowed golden. An explosive shockwave was repelled behind Leona as Kain applied the alchemic chain reaction inside her body using her torso to guide it through her midsection. Leona coughed as blood fell on the grass blade beneath her, her eyes rolled to the back of
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Chapter 4: Unstable
“You did what?!!!” A man with white hair asked, veins visible on his face as he glared at Kain sitting pitifully across him. Kain had told his father, Sir. Ivan Merrill of his deal with the Lincolnshire son-in-law and he was not amused. His son losing to that person was shameful but him agreeing to hand over 70% of their family business over to Leona, that was a step the Lincolnshire Family dared to take and he was ready for war.“Did you get attacked by the Lincolnshire Family?” Ivan asked for the umpteenth time that night. Kain shook his head, tears running down his face as he looked at his lap. His hands balled into fists. “No father… it was that Son-in-law, he was a demon possessed.” Ivan held his chin and released a soft hum. That was truly disturbing, perhaps the Lincolnshire lied about their son-in-law not possessing any aptitude in alchemy or mana but for a single individual to stop seven more Class 1 alchemist single-handedly something not even he can do it. “You are dis
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