XI.I Midnight Auction
Nobody can stop the flow of time, even if the world may revolve around their whims. No matter how hard they may try, time moves forward...


It's been two days, two days since her door to the outside world had been locked. During that time, Athena laid relatively motionless, only getting up to eat the occasional instant ramen when the hunger was too much to bear.

How unhealthy.

And did she care? Nope.

What would Mother think when she sees you?

The novelist tossed and turned between her sheets. No doubt Mother would think disapprovingly, just like she always did.

What about dad?

Her father was a spineless coward; turning a blind eye whenever Mother 'disciplined' her every other night. He's essentially Mother's bitch. No. He's no father to her.

How cold.

What else was there to think? It's not like he ever defended her at any point in her life.

He's still your father.

Alexander's the mayor, first and foremost, a lackey second, and a husband third. Nowhere was he near being a fat
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