110. The Sword Emperor
"I know."

Answering the voice, Luke then commented, "But aren't you feeling something, Striver? Your sect is being assaulted right before you. The disciples are being killed mercilessly in stray attacks, as if they are no more than bugs."

~"It is unfortunate. However, I had my reason for establishing that sect. Now, it is just a husk of what it was supposed to be."~ Quipped the voice.

"Is that so…" Said Luke, staring at the mountains solemnly for another few minutes. Sighing again, Luke turned his body and walked away.

"Fine... Let's get away from here. I hope you don't lie to me."

Snorting out loud inside Luke's head, the voice replied, ~"I won't. It's the truth."~

"We will see." Said Luke for the last time, as he dashed in the south direction, staying as far away as he could from his former sect.

'Goodbye, Three-Headed Serpent sect.'

On the other hand, Hong Ming was dealing with the combination of Lun Hua and Yun Long. After Yun Long squashed the black dragon, who once was an
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