111. Captured
"I was invited here." Quipped the man called Fan Lu nonchalantly. He was wearing a robe similar to that of Heaven's Sword Mountain. Yet, his robe was tailored exquisitely, threaded with golden and silver threads.

His hair was tied in a ponytail, coloured in silver, similar to his eyes. His eyebrows were straight and narrow, giving an impression of a very cold and serious person. Clasping his hands on his back, his standing posture was straight, while the aura around him was so sharp, even the wind would be sliced in two should they be blowing in his course.

"So one of the Four Righteous is in cahoots with two of the Five Calamities? What happened to the Four Guardians who said they would protect humanity from any race with bad intentions?" Mocked Hong Ming while he kept charging through the blade, destroying the blade and was in the middle part of the sword.

"Time for a change. You understand what it means for me to be here." Answered Fan Lu. His eyes coldly staring at Hong Ming.

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