118. Hideout
"Ying Ying…"

Hastily traversing the slope, a boy with a dagger in his hand was running with all his might. His eyes wandered to the ground, scrutinizing if there were any clues when the bandits crossed this path. He and his friends had seen their base once, purely from mere luck and coincidence. Now he had set off by himself, planning to sneak inside and rescue his best friends.

Among the paths he had taken, there were some branches which had snapped in half, proof that someone had stepped to it. Jogging with caution, the kid sighted another track of the bandits. This time, there were several hooves printed on the field, possibly belonging to the bandits because they had brought their horses when they raided the village.

Dashing recklessly from what he saw, the boy became more convinced that he was on the right path to the hideout. But then, a humanoid shadow had leapt down from the sky, blocking him before he could take any further step.

"What are you trying to do, boy?"

In front
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