119. Formation

Adhering to the instructions, Luke carried the boy again on his back while he leapt high in the air. Another scorpion had caused an eruption on the ground, similar to the rest four giant scorpions behind them.

-"There's more and more of them! Are you sure this is the way?"- Doubted Luke, apparently apprehensive by how the things had developed so far.

~"You have a better idea?"~ Retorted Rein, assessing the situation once more as he spoke, ~"Over there! Go to 45 degrees from your position, then activate the detect spell."~

Following the words without any further queries, Luke dashed to the said position as he chanted the spell. Sighting a trace of energy before him, Luke grit his teeth and trusted Rein, leaping forward decisively. Then, the space in front of him began to distort. Without any time to even blink, Luke had arrived in another place in a flash.

Swiftly checking on his surroundings, anticipating what would happen next, Luke saw that he and the boy were floating
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