121. Minions
"And... I will kill you all!"

Shooting his handguns as fast as he could, Luke backed away at the same time, predicting the counter-attack of the duo. His predictions weren't far off from the mark, because when one of them shifted his position to block the bullets, another one had dashed towards Luke, brandishing his twin short swords in an agile manner.

Moving like a phantom, the cultivator almost reached Luke's position in milliseconds. However, Luke had anticipated this scenario and took out a green crystal, glowing in orange light.

~"At last, you take 'that' out! Now go rampage!"~ Cheered Rein when he looked at the crystal in Luke's hand.

Soon, Luke's figure disappeared without a trace. Seeing that his swords only hit empty air, the man was stunned for a moment before his instincts kicked in, telling him to duck immediately unless he would have his head rolling on the ground.

Following his guts, the man had grazed with the death as he sighted Luke already right behind him, shoo
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