122. Mana Stone
-"Hey, Striver."-

Watching the corpses of two Soul Rejuvenation realm cultivators battling against the bandits’ group, who had ambushed them from one of the rooms within the corridor, Luke asked out loud.

-"If you can control those corpses and have a deep understanding of souls, why don't you possess one of the corpses? That way, you can have more freedom right?"~

~"What's this? Complaining that I'm in your mind? Afraid you will get busted when checking on the girl's rack? Meh, don't worry, I'm a man too. By the way, you like it small or big?"~

With his veins bulging on his forehead, showing that he was annoyed, Luke retorted, -"No! It isn't that! I'm just curious… and I like it big."-

His face flushed a little when he spoke of his reference, Luke continued, -"Besides, is it fine for you to use magic power? Last time we talked about it…"-

Remembering the conversation back when they were in the spatial domain, Luke frowned slightly.



"Mana Stone…"

Thinking his eyes pl
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