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What happens when a supernatural being escape from the hell prison into the mortal world? Will our main protagonist be able to capture it again? Will he be able to do it? One of the angelic beings and leaders to supervise all being in the universe, had the task of imprisoning the criminal and returning it to hell. But, it was impossible for a powerful angelic being to appear in the world due to the restrictions of power. So, he can only be reborn as a mortal. Following him was his twin and their pets but in the mortal world, the twins were separated with no memory as formal angels nor power. As for their pets, they can go and return between dimensions. Yet, as if the universe itself pity the mortal world, it gives birth to a powerful group of abilities with a medium to help the twins fight the hell criminal. But, to balance the world, under the hell criminal control, a human with dark abilities also appear. After 500 years... "Remember, Kairi. You're my brother. Although we're not blood-related, I have every right to protect you." - Rafiz "WE WELCOME OUR MASTER OF STELLARS!" - Pegasus Spirit. "I thought I have killed all the Knight Seeyer but... Clearly, I left one more..." - Dark Ries. "We have to take him to Syarantonia." - Agi "Oh star who is my slave... Destroy all obstacles that obscure my path! - Kairi "Searched for that boy. Do not let him live!" - Dark Revier "I think... I might have fallen in love with him. But, he is not an ordinary man." - Aries

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The bright evening sky shone upon the land. But deeper into the wood, one man, sprinting around, hoping to drive off some people. Four-man in cloaks covering half their faces, following not far behind his trail.When he was nearing the edge of the woods, he found a bridge toward another woodland across the waterfall. Conflicted, he still crosses it.One of the enemies uttered curses and gripped two long tiny weapons with double sharp ends, throwing them straight at him.Perceiving the danger, he moves his head aside. His eyes widened at the two small weapons. However, what alarmed him was the chain he wore around his neck. It got severed accidentally. The chain has come with an emblem. But, it fell into the stream below him.Truthfully, the emblem was a treasure by any of his kin. Now, lost by him. "Damn it!"Anguish, yet, he has no way to get it back. Clearly, his foes know no care. The emblem was his last defence. It might never be fo
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The next day, Rafiz was unable to work due to his injuries. He was disciplined by Rafael, their father, and was confined in his room, not allowed out until he was fully healed. The punishment was not that terrible but he only got frustrated that he could not get out of the house. Kairi, on the other hand, was advised by their father to be careful with the dishes and not to repeat the same mistake. He also had to do twice the work with other waiters due to Rafiz's absence. Not that their numbers were many to serve everyone at once. There were only nine of them; three culinary, one cashier, and supposedly including Rafiz would have five waiters. It was very disastrous for them when customers chose Rafiz's absence to come in many groups. Their tavern was full of customers and there were still some new customers waiting outside. Rafael had to tell his employees to put extra tables and chairs outside. Virgo, who came the day before, visited the restaurant again that night. He did not see
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"What?! Really?!" Virgo was surprised and got hope."Vi, Virgo, are you okay?" Kairi felt pain on his shoulders.This was Virgo's strength?! Ouch!"Ah, sorry!"Virgo responds after he was aware of his actions. He lets go immediately and shows a guilty expression. He knew the level of his strength."It's fine... What happened to you?"Virgo calmed himself before replying. He did not want to scare Kairi again."Sorry, but Kairi, can you tell me when Pegasus appears here?"He needs to know the days of Pegasus staying around the town."Erm, if I'm not mistaken, he stays about four days here. Then, he left. And that was before the day I found his chain," Kairi answered back."He stays at Aunt Erika's inn. I know this information because Pegasus only ordered take-out meals and I'm the one who sends them. Now that we are discussing this, I remember back when you told me about his hair's colour, length, and height. He doe
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It's been a month since Kairi and Virgo tracked down Pegasus. Unfortunately, they still haven't found him. Both stop at the next city they went to."I'm thirsty. Let's have a drink first," said Virgo.Kairi agreed. He also felt his throat a little dry and wanted to drink something cold. They both headed to a tavern and ordered meals there. They have been on hunger strike since it was now late in the afternoon. They only had bread for breakfast that morning."Ah, finally feel alive again!" Virgo felt energized after drinking a glass of orange juice."Agree!"Kairi drank his apple juice and then ate his fried chicken rice.While eating, their ears listen to any news around. The tavern was not big like Rafael's but had a lot of customers. Virgo has selected a table inside the tavern near the dark wall with no window. This spot makes their rear feel safe and gives full views inside the tavern. Only Kairi doesn't notice his vigilance."Thi
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Virgo blames himself for being unable to arrive early to rescue Pegasus."I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Pegasus..." He sobs.Kairi wipes his eyes. "I don't think it's only your fault, Virgo. I'm too at fault. If only... If only I had tried to look around the river that day, maybe, I might have known something about this before it happened... I'm sorry, Virgo. I'm sorry, Pegasus." Kairi apologizes.He felt guilty and regretted that he brought the chain emblem home with him that time. Virgo slowly shifted his gaze towards Kairi. Kairi lowered his head. He could not look at Virgo because he knew he looked awful. Suddenly, he remembered Virgo's words about Queen Siarah."Virgo! Why don't we look for Queen Siarah's heir?! They can revive the dead stellar users, right? They can revive Pegasus! Let's find them!" Kairi urges.Virgo was still silent."Virgo!" Shouted Kairi."I... I don't think it's necessary, Kairi..." Virgo reassembled all his grie
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"A, Agi?!" Virgo was startled to see him."Agi?" Pegasus noticed the big hat he knew very well."Why is he here?" He thought because their base was very far away."Hey, it's been a long time, huh, since we last saw each other." Agi chuckled."What are you doing here? Do you have nothing to do?" Asked Pegasus, annoyed.He and Agi were not on good terms. They have some kind of contrast between each other.Agi stuck out his tongue at him."I do have a task. If not, I won't even want to come and see you guys. Oh, but I'll meet you, Virgo. Only you." He winked."Haha, o-kay…"Virgo fakes his laugh. He knows Agi was joking but… Here comes the usual situation again."...Tiny." Pegasus taunted.Agi glared at him."Mongrel, how long have you not cleaned your eyes. I can see the filth on it. Yuck! Seems like someone forgot to put a leash on you too." He bit back with his words.Pegasus gro
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Kairi was in a daze looking at Pegasus."Hm? You finally woke up, boy," said Pegasus.Kairi gasped. This is unbelievable!"Virgo, pinch me. Quick!" He ordered Virgo.Virgo pinched his right arm."Erk!" Kairi groaned before he rubbed the place Virgo had pinched. It turned a little red."Sorry... You did ask for it." Virgo laughed.Kairi blinked his eyes at him. His expression was asking about the alive Pegasus."Do you remember that you're the one who revives Pegasus, Kairi?" Virgo wanted to know."Huh? I did what?!" Kairi yells in shock."... Thanks, really," Pegasus smirked but inside he was grateful to be revived."B, But, how?! I don't have power!" Kairi was confused."What is the last thing you remember, Kairi?" Asked Agi.Kairi went silent for a moment."I... That time, after Virgo left, I cleaned him up since he looked pitiful to be buried in such a dirty appearance..." He explain
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A few hours after the kidnapping, the carriage finally stopped. A man in a mask told them to get out of the carriage. The rope on their feet was loosened for them to walk. Anyone who was slow was pulled violently to the ground.Kairi, who was already out, looked around them."Is this their base?" He thought silently.In front of him stood six large tents and two small tents with a campfire on his right. The area was also filled with masked people walking and guarding each tent."Who are they? They look like some kind of an organisation.""You, hurry up!" Someone kicked him from behind.Kairi grunted in pain and realised all the victims were forced to move to a nearby tent and then locked up inside it. Not only both of them were there but several other kidnapped people were also in the tent. Aries sat next to him while leaning against the tent wall behind them."What do these people want to do with us?" Asked Kairi in his mind.
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"Gargh!"Virgo, Agi, and Pegasus were tossed away a few meters by Dark Ries shadows. To save Kairi and Aries, three of them launched an attack on Dark Ries. It was not easy because they also had to defend themselves from Dark Ries' minions who appeared with their weapons.As for Kairi and Aries, they were still trapped under Dark Ries' shadows."What should I do? How do we get out of here?" Thought Kairi while trying to break the shadow's bind on his legs.His hands were able to touch it but the bind was unbreakable. Also, he did not know how to help Virgo and others. He doesn't want to just watch his friends killed by Dark Ries. Without realizing it, the iris of his eyes was changing colour between red and green. His messy emotions were the cause of its changes.Dark Ries headed towards Virgo who was down hard with bleeding lips. The shadow's power can either be materialized or visible to the naked eyes. And when it materialized, if gotten hit by
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"Kairi, what do you say?!" Virgo gasped about Kairi's sudden request."I want to help the hostages who are taken by Dark Ries," Kairi said seriously.After an hour of calming down his chaotic emotion, he remembered that there were still hostages in Dark Ries' hand. He felt wrong because they all were safe but the hostages were not."Are you crazy, Kairi?! There are dozens of his men there who will be so happy to see us again including Dark Ries!" Aries disagreed. She does not want to feel hopeless again.Kairi looked at them one by one."Virgo, Aries, Agi, and Pegasus, please help them! I can't bear to see them get abused like that. There were even children and old people who were caught too. They need our help." Kairi pleaded.He knows that he will endanger them once again but they were those hostages' hope now. If they left, he doesn't know what will happen to the hostages. And time waits for no one.Pegasus gritted his teeth. He gr
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