134. Peace
"No, it's like this."

Slowing her movements to show Luke how it was done, Xu Lang gently grind the dry leaves, making crunching noises as they started to become powders. Lifting the paper that holds the powder gently, Xu Lang pour them down towards a cup of hot, sterilized water.

Taking out a wooden spoon to dissolve the powder, Xu Lang took out a plant similar looking to a ginseng. Putting it inside the wooden bowl, Xu Lang began to reach out for a wooden pestle and pound the ginseng to paste. Sniffing the scent of the mixed herbs, Xu Lang smiled in satisfaction and her hands held the bowl to a small cauldron.

Letting the liquid to flow into the cauldron, Xu Lang took a little peek inside, checking the amount of space that was filled by the half-done medicine. Lit the fire beneath the small stone shaped stove, which was holding the butt of the cauldron, both of them watching the medicine boiling as the medicine's odour began to spread the atmosphere.

It has been nine days since Lu
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