School of the Supernaturals

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School of the Supernaturals

By: Becca. Mide OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Mainland High school of all,How dare you mention that without respect"A student screamed at a passer-by who saw her in her uniform and insulted her. "Do you really know the repercussions of mentioning that name without a proper respect?"She snarled at the passer-by causing him to choke to death only with the look in her eyes. Mainland High school known outside the school area and with the School is a school of the Supernaturals by everyone in the school. Looking for EVIL, Mainland highschool is the best. Looking for Good it's still the best in that aspect, Mainland Highschool very deadly and also not deadly, it just depends on your purpose in that school. It may scream H£LL and to may some people it maybe not... ***Extract from the book*** "Your death is going to be in vain because an hopeless being is gone"Selina mocked " I'm still happy that I was given a respect as an hopeless being, what about you...Your corpse is going to be thrown into the dark sea and you will be a lunch for the fishes with three heads, in short words you will be a treat to the sea monsters" Autumn replied with a smile " How dare you?"Selina hollered in anger " Stop yelling or else you want your voice to sound like that of frog croaking sound,kro kro"Autumn mocked and walk away leaving her alone This angered Selina more as she raised her and to carry Autumn away with her powers but she felt her legs leaving the ground. "Who is that?" She screamed in fear lunged all over her body, her whole body trembled. "Your worst nightmare..."

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01: Her death
Two days ago*** "Stop please!!!!, I will do anything you want but don't kill me" Demi cried on her knees " I told you that you shouldn't try me but you turned deaf ear to my warnings"Maria's voice echoed angrily which send shivers into her body while fears penetrated her mind "I'm so sorry!!!, I never meant to kill you, I wanted to scare you not knowing your legs will slip from the rooftop"Demi shakes in fear with her teary eyes "I won't kill you by myself but be rest assured that you will die before day break" Maria laughed with her shaking voice as she vanished "No no no!!, Don't kill me" Demi screamed as she woke up from her nightmare sweating "What have I done?" She cried to herself as she look over to her alarm clock to see that it was still 2:00 the midnight "Why should l be afraid, I need to get something to protect myself from her, "She thought to herself and carried the lamp as she strolled to the kitchen carefully to avoid waking up her brother. After she got the knif
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"I am your worst nightmare" Drake uttered as he let out a creepy laugh and pushed the both of them with a mighty force "Who are you?" Maria struggled to ask as she was her head was already dripping wet with blood "I'm someone you don't want to know" Drake replied and threw a very hot wind at Selina which made her scream painfully "I will find you by all means and deal with you if I make it alive" Selina threatened with her teary eyes "I wasn't even planning to take the life of you both early"Drake mocked and strangled Maria invisibly as she struggled to release herself but she doesn't even see the hands strangling They suddenly heard a sound like something hit two metals together, this made Drake strangle Maria more and he raised Selina up with her legs dangling leaving her hanging in the air. "What did we do to get this type of torture?" Selina asked with her voice cracking "You committed the worst mistake by messing with me" Drake said and released the two of them when he noti
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03: Felicia display
"I told you anyone that messes with me will face disaster, "The old witch said with much authority as she saw the pains James is in. "The pain I'm feeling is not compared to the pain you felt after I talked back at you" James laughed, provoking her more. "I will deal with you so much that you will regret ever meeting me"The old witch screamed when she saw that James was feeling no pain again. "Stop staring at me or else you want your eyeballs to fall off with the way you are frowning and opening your crooked teeth" James uttered and rolled his eyes. " I curse you this day James, Everything you do will not fall into the right place, and fulfilling your destiny will be a death journey for you"The old witch painfully voiced as an owl flew across and hooted loudly enough for James to hear. Immediately the old witch heard the hoot she smiled evilly as her curse is already a tag that will follow James for his entire life until he dies as she thought. "Your curse
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04: Scary nightmare
"What if he gets to know by any means," She thought again and shoved it off " I don't trust you, it looks like you have a different reason for you approaching me with this type of Proposal and I don't even know you"Grace muttered " I was the one that put pressure on James not to break up with you because I know you will be useful for me later but now that he has decided to break up I want to Join hands with you to achieve your goals and mine, "The old witch said deciding that if she doesn't want to agree to her request she will have to manipulate her "I detest that Felicia of a person and if I do anything James won't know I am the one that means killing two birds with a stone"Grace thought and smiled " I accept your offer how do I get started"Grace agreed " The first step is what can we do to destroy her, "the old witch said " You that came to meet me with the offer should have planned everything"Grace frowned " Oh I have a plan already follow me, "The
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05: Horrific
" Hey Hey" Selina waved "Good morning" Maria greeted and walked to meet her "Why do you prefer staying in this prohibited place? "Selina queried " This is the only safe place to practice my black magic "Maria replied playing with a ball she summoned out "Are you afraid of your twin sister finding out" Selina mocked " Stop mentioning that bitch beside me, she is a witch, not my twin sister" Maria replied hatefully " You should really stop hating on her, we may need her help in the nearest future"Selina advised " Let's wait till then, I still got my manipulation spell intact" Maria smiled wickedly Selina looked at her before rolling her eyes. " Oops!, Let's start going we only have three hours left," Selina said and held Maria before vanishing "This place looks creepy are you sure we are in the right place," Selina said " Do I know, you were the one that mentioned a young wizard dwelling around here so"Maria replied looking at Selina
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06: Swimming pool
"Drake, Why don't you want to go there" Autumn whined " I don't want to go and that is final, Stop trying to force me" Drake replied frustratingly " There are many reasons that show that you must go" Autumn tried to convince him " What are the reasons? Mention just one"Drake said raising one finger to indicate one "If I start mentioning the reasons from today It won't finish till the next month," Autumn said rubbing her palms together "You are so annoying, the pest is supposed to be your nickname"Drake replied covering his ears with his hand "Listen to me boy," Autumn said trying to remove his hand from his ears but Drake is not giving in to her, she then thought about what she can do to make him listen to her "My eyes" Autumn screamed and fell on the ground dramatically which Drake took seriously as he rushed to her "I got you now" Autumn laughed holding his hands " Ok ok, I will listen to you just stop faking wounds or pain"Drake agreed and sat down as he already knows that
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07: Flying monster
" What just happened?" Xavier thought confused " I thought they are tagged as the most respected, behaved and most powerful, or maybe I saw someone that looks like them" " Why did they try to bully someone they don't even know" " What are you thinking?, The wizard is dead , "A voice said in his head " I don't care, he deserves to die but did he die gruesomely or just died on a low-key"Xavier replied " He died gruesomely but not the death you want for him though, "The voice said and sighed " Stop sighing in my head and reveal yourself" Xavier hissed "It's not yet time to show myself, I will soon come to Mainland High school though, "The voice said with mixed emotions revealing in his voice "That's good but how can I even recognize you?" Xavier asked " Can we leave this conversation till then, when I get to Mainland you will know"The voice said and yawned " Go and sleep," Xavier said and shut him up " I knew the wizard won't last 49 days since he decided to become a traitor, "
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08: Met With Fight
"Why is my mind directing me to that dangerous place" Maria wondered as she woke up this morning with her mind wandering in a particular direction "Or maybe I will acquire more power when I get there" Maria changed her negative thought to a positive one immediately after after she thought about something "I should just teleport instead of walking like a homeless turkey," She said to herself and laughed hard and continued repeating the 'Homeless turkey' backing it up with laughs causing the passer-by to look at her like she was crazy already. When she noticed the looks people are giving her she stopped laughing immediately and put on a serious face "She is weird" "Someone should better call for help from the psychiatric hospital" " She like a runaway patient from the psychiatric" " She is laughing like those evils after completing a mission in movies" The passer-by murmured but the last statement made her so angry that she had to reciprocate as she looked back at the passer-by w
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09: Stain to L. E. T girls
The L. E. T girls walk Into the school compound with so much pride and authority. The majority of the students screamed happily, some were just neutral not freaked by their presence while some hissed full of hate. Lexy waved at the students causing them to scream more loudly. "They are my role models, I so much love them" " I can die for them" " They are so perfect in pretending" The students murmured as the L.E.T girls walked with so much confidence and power. A student was running and mistakenly bumped into Tracy which made her scream and fell to the ground on purpose. The lovers of Tracy retaliated immediately and bounced on the girl, beating her physically because it is prohibited to fight someone with your powers without any reasonable reason. Tracy stood up looking at the girl being beaten and smiled before standing beside her friends. " Everyone the masked wizard and his friend are coming" A student announced running into the crowd happily "Omg, my idol" "I love you,
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10: Hungry for power
"This road looks weird, Are you sure we are going through the right way?," Drake said looking around with one eye " Why will we be going through the right way, I'm taking you the wrong way for you to get lost"Autumn muttered underneath " Do you realize you are talking to me like that?"Drake asked with a hard tone reflecting in his voice "I'm sorry bro" Autumn laughed when she turned back a look at the face Drake put on "Let's walk faster, I don't want evil spirits to feed on me"Drake voiced and hasten his steps " I think I'm not getting the way again" Autumn confusedly looked around seeing that she is not familiar with the path they diverted to "But the map is navigating to two areas that are the main reason I'm confused" Autumn added resting on a tree with only three branches on it The tree shifted backward but Autumn did not notice Drake was confused because he saw the tree shift but he just thought maybe he was hallucinating then he went forward to see, as he went forward an
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