133. Trespasser

Threading above the clouds, a shadow of a gigantic being could be seen. Flying unhindered as his form was one of the feared races beneath the heaven, the black dragon shifted his body while he was flying at unnatural speed. Unlike his massive form, he was faster than he looks, as well as tougher.

Yet, he was controlled by someone who wasn't even bigger than his claw. This person has commanded him through his own mind, diminishing any thoughts of retaliation. In fact, the moment he thinks of how to escape from the person's grasp, his head would have an unbearable headache and his physique would squirm in pain, as if thousands of bugs were eating him alive.

"Over there."

Just like the usual days, the person who would order him whenever he pleased. The blood in his body started to boil by the thought of being put into a slave to something much inferior than his bloodline. However, the pain and mind control has been proven effective, no matter how much rage and anger that has
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