29. Hello, Lu Kun

Right after the words left his mouth, Xiang Heng swiftly dove down with his blades gripped in reverse grip and pointed at Luke.

Seeing where he would attack, this time Luke dodged the incoming strike by taking a step back as his acceleration spell was still in effect. But right after Luke's steps stopped, Xiang Heng already pursued him.

Flying very low, Xiang Heng's wings quickly went towards Luke. Seeing Xiang Heng approaching him right in front of him, Luke took a stance while he pulled his arm to punch at Xiang Heng with all his might.

However, before Luke could throw his punch, Xiang heng suddenly moved so fast that he left after images, he went at Luke's back to slash right at Luke's neck.

His instinct screaming in danger, Luke raised his arm instead for a punch and shielded the left side of his neck.


Steel clashed with steel noise had sounded while Xiang Heng widened his eyes a little bit. Smirking, Xiang Heng shaked his blade to make the noise screech as he
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