28. Xiang Heng
After looking for a cave in a while, Luke finally found one right in the middle of the forest. In a small slope on the road of the forest, laid the entrance to what seemed to be a large cave. The cave was surrounded by vines all around its mouth, with both sides of its mouth made of stone walls to pillar the cave.

Taking some dry branches that were near the cave, Luke made a bonfire in the cave while he warmed himself and dried his clothes. Chanting a quick barrier spell as well as an alarm spell from his dwindling magic power in case of an unwanted intruder, Luke went back again to absorb the energy in their air while he sits in lotus position.

On five hundred meters away, Xiang Heng slowly stepped out from the shadow of a tree, while he smiled as he stared at Luke's direction, "Found you."

Turning his head around, he noticed that he didn't feel any aura of Ma Min. Just to be sure, he activated a detecting technique but there was no result as well.

Smiling, Xiang Heng held his lon
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