43. Magical pathways

A roar of the beast sounded as it charged with its full might. Avoiding to the side, Luke sent his kick right at the beast's neck. His kick that has been strengthened by a magic spell immediately broke the beast's neck and blew away its bull sized body to the trees nearby.

Crashing into the tree and possibly almost breaking the tree's trunk, the demonic beast let out its last breath while it stared at Luke with a resentment gaze.

"Fiuw... " Trying to stabilize his breathing, Luke wiped off the sweat in his forehead while he observed the power behind that kick.

"Incredible." Commented Luke while he still tried to familiarize himself with the technique he had learned. Taking off his clothes, which were drenched in sweat, Luke walked into the demonic beast in the shape of a giant rat while he occasionally glanced at the paints in his hardened, six packs upper body.

Lines of paint could be seen all around his upper body, starting from his neck, down to his abdomen, and eve
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