77. Silver Beast
Stepping forward as he pulled out a deep, crimson dagger, elder Zhu Hui morphed his body onto that of a humanoid dragon while he said, "In our case, yes."

Looking at the Elder's transformation, Zhu Ma widened his eyes while he guessed what elder Zhu Hui would do, "Elder, do you want to.."

"You guide all the inner disciples to search for another way to get out of the ruin. I'll hold them back. If by any chance, there were more enemies without us knowing it-"

Before elder Zhu Hui instructions could come to an end, a booming noise like a thunder had rung as the area where both of them placed the formation flags began to tremble. The surge of invisible ripples appeared in the air, spreading like a tide as cracks of noises could be heard next.

"He destroyed a Murderous Formation that easily?" Uttered the elder in disbelief while he squinted his eyes in focus to see the identity of the enemy he would face.

"Zhu Hui!!"

Shouting out loud, a figure of a man donned in silver armor and cape
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