76. Formation Trap
"Fan Shui."

Following the source of the voice that had called his name, the man who wore a white robe and a straw hat stared at one of his companions and asked, "What's up?"

The man, Fan Shui seemed to be in his mid thirties, with a baby cheeks even at his age, the man had a straight posture and demeanor that looked easy going. From the rest of his group, he was the fastest and the most acute with his senses, specialized in scouting, discerning and crafting traps.

"Don't underestimate our target this time. Although the intelligence said that it was only one elder, he is still the rumoured Emerald Demon, Zhu Hui." Suggested by one of the people who had the tallest height and a long steel rod on his hand, the only person who wielded two kinds of weapons at the same time.

"Don't be a wuss, Xiang Bao. It's gonna be fineee." Teased Fan Shui while he let out a chuckle. Seeing his friend's attitude of almost taking a serious approach all these decades made him too unbearable to not be joke
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