78. Surrounded

Leaving behind tens of after images in the air, Zhu Hui and Jia Yuhan traded blows as both of them moved as freely as if they were moving on the ground even though they were high in the air.

Seemingly like a dance, Jia Yuhan’s technique had made his strides look graceful and his blade drew an elegant invisible picture. On the other hand, Zhu Hui let out an approach that resembled a fearless predator, ruthless with his dagger letting out blood-curdling screams every time he swung it and his aura giving out the impression of a gigantic beast.

Directing a stab right at Zhu Hui, the latter was able to parry Jia Yuhan's blade easily even though their movements were too fast for the naked eyes to see. That causal stab of Jia Yuhan had caused a 10cm diameter thick bluish beam that was shot right at one of the buildings behind Zhu Hui and exploded the entire structure into debris.

Frowning a little, Jia Yuhan changed his technique to that of a long, glowing bluish rope that was cre
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