79. The Presence
In an instant, the Lingqi inside of Zhu Hui, Jia Yuhan, Zhu Ma, and the rest of Heaven's Sword Mountain had dissipated right the moment the shout reached everyone's ears. With his presence alone heavy as a mountain, all of the humans on the ancient ruin felt invisible pressure on their body coming out of nowhere. As if heaven wanted to punish them for their insolence.


Quickly withstanding the heavy pressure on his shoulders with two rings on his hand, Jia Yuhan moved his gaze towards the entrance and saw a shining figure that was watching their reaction as it floated in the air calmly.


Showing an expression full of shock and terror, Jia Yuhan swiftly activated all the bracelets on both of his hands and flew as far away as he could before that shining figure could take a glimpse of him.

"Oh, isn't that the naughty brat, Jia Yuhan? I have wanted to kill you since so long."

Murmuring to himself, the figure dashed in unparalleled speed and none of the elders in the ar
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