84. Five Calamities

Glancing at the man in her right, Lin Ju spoke with an uncertain tone, "Do you think that guy already died?"

"Who cares? Just keep running." Replied Wu Liang while he dashed to the direction of the entrance of the ancient ruin along with the rest of sect disciples.

On his back was Zhu Ma who had his arm bent in an unnatural way as his breathing was in mess and he was sweating bullets. Right after Hong Ming had left the place while he brought Luke to the corner part of the ruin, the rest of the sect disciples quickly scurried away and met with Zhu Ma on their way to the exit.

When they had asked Zhu Ma where the elder, Zhu Hui, Zhu Ma could only shake his head slightly and made them realize that he was the only survivor of the entire event. Informing the rest of them that it was actually a ploy of Heaven's Sword Mountain that had tried to ambush them and they were already dealt with together with their elder, the sect disciples immediately made a decision to leave the ancient
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