83. Hong Ming
"I'm someone that came from earth."

Choosing to be better honest and come clean, Luke returned Hong Ming's gaze with an unwavering look. Silently observing Luke with no response, Hong Ming then spoke after a few breaths.

"It's good to see fellow earthlings."

Letting go of Luke's neck and watching the latter coughing for two seconds, Hong Ming questioned with emotionless tone.

"Hey, from which country did you come from?"

Standing up, Luke tilted his head to the side and replied without much thought, "Bulgaria."

'Well, not a real Bulgarian though. As if there will be someone with the name of Jameson in Bulgaria’s natives.' Contemplated Luke as he hid the fact that he was an immigrant from Britain.

"Oh…" Responded Hong Ming dispiritedly as he continued, "Well, that's good."

"Why?" Asked Luke in curiosity, "Do you really care about someone's nationality?"

Snorting from Luke's question, Hong Ming stated coldly, "Of course. If you had said you came from or any countries in the Allie
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