94. Huan Ling

Mumbling a curse, Luke frowned in contemplation as he hadn't thought this through. Before he knew it, he had found out that he was running in the direction of the city without any idea or plan in his mind.

"Are you kidding me…"

Although he was still a distance away from the city, he could already tell how powerful the aftereffects of the blasts from the fight were. Even though the two beings moved so fast that his eyes couldn't catch up, he had realized that neither of them had left the area of the crater and were still stuck around in there. As if there was some invisible parameter making them unable to leave.

'Or someone instead of something.' Guessed Luke while he clenched both of his fists, feeling powerless at the moment.

'I should try evacuating all the citizens… a pathway for them to teleport from there to here without any hurdles.'

Easier said than done, that kind of plan would need tons of preparation. Not to mention he had nothing notable on him, the energy to su
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