The Secret Heir: I Became the Heir of Strongest Hidden Clan
The Secret Heir: I Became the Heir of Strongest Hidden Clan
Author: Bored_Author
Chapter 01 - Toy boy of Rozental Family


Sometimes Heart sees what is invisible to the eyes and it’s not always pleasant.


“Do you see that, It’s him!”

A group of women holding glasses filled with red liquor, in what seemed to be a banquet hall was gossiping over something.

“You mean that handsome man over there?”

An individual among the group said, signaling her eye at a man who was sitting far at the back of the main table of the banquet.

He was quite a handsome man, who seemed to be in his early 20s, with dirty blond hair, pitch-black eyes, and a cleanly shaved beard, he seemed to be very charismatic.

“Yeah! He is the one, The shameless lover!”

But the things that were being said about him were not so sweet for the ears.

“He is a commoner that lived in the slums, not only that, I heard that he wasn’t even awakened!!”

The gaze of the people changed as soon as they heard that! Their gaze which was appreciating his handsome and beautiful face a minute ago turned into a cold and contempt-filled one.

The world was like that! Changing opinion based on the person's situation and condition! It has become pretty normal by now.

"Now that I see him correctly, he didn't seem that handsome at all"

"You feel that too...He seems like a country bumpkin"

"What a waste! Why did young Miss have to fall in love with such a person"

"If it isn't for young miss, he would have probably been a beggar!"

"It must have been nice for him, leeching off his girlfriend like that"

"Ahh...I would have rather be dead than living a life like that"

Their words were filled with contempt and criticism, and he could hear them even from the far back of the banquet...

'They aren't even trying to lower their voice at this point!'

Eren thought as he could clearly hear the women gossiping about him!

It has been a long time since he stopped giving attention to such things, but no matter how much he tried to ignore it, every time he heard others ridiculing him due to his origins and having a rich lover, every time he heard things like that, his pride was hurt!

Even then he endured all those things!

'Their words don't matter to me.'

He denied it every time, consoling himself, all for one person!

He endured everything just for the sake of his Love!

Julia von Rosental, the seventh daughter of the strongest man alive, Alden von Rozental, proposed to him on a certain day and they started going out with him.

For Eren, who was an orphan, this feeling of being loved by someone was very unfamiliar and he felt like he found something he had been longing for.

But little did he know that the status gap between Julia and him was too wide and that society wouldn’t accept their love.

But Julia didn’t give up and somehow convinced her father with the condition that Eren would stay with them as a son-in-law after marriage.

As Eren was an orphan, he didn’t mind that as he too wanted to feel the warmth of a family but instead what he got to experience was the hell of Rozentals.

He was humiliated, disgraced, and even abused for being in love with Julia.

It always hurt when they said that he was leeching off on his lover, not doing anything, at some point, he came to be known as the 'Toy boy of the Rozental family'.

Of course, they only talked behind his back at first, but as time passed, they got more courageous! 

As the saying goes, ‘One who stays silent is the best prey for mouths'. They took advantage of his silence and it got to the point that they didn’t even bother to lower their voice when they badmouthing him!

If it was only the words they said, he could have endured it somehow!

It wasn't something new for him to face the contempt of people.

Being a lone man and growing up in the orphanage, he had survived in the harsh world without parents or anyone to support he had experienced things worse than this!

But the humiliation he felt was different! No matter how down-to-earth his life was, he lived his life with pride, Not relying on anyone, he was a man who grew through life with his own efforts!

But right now, such a person was reduced to so much as to be called one who was leeching off his lover?

He would have somehow endured this if it was only limited to their harsh words!! But it wasn't.

A man with pitch-black hair and a gentle look on his face appeared in front of Eren, holding a glass of red liquor.

"Eren, come to the washroom quietly"

He whispered in Eren's ears acting as if he was straightening his collar.

Eren who heard him flinched, and he lowered his head!

The young man gave a gentle smile as he walked off.

Eren who was now standing with his head down near the food table was trembling!

He was trembling with fear!

The voice of that young man reminded him of countless experiences that he didn’t want to remember!

After standing there for a minute, he went to the washroom as the young man asked him to!

He went through the long hallway and opened the door of the washroom!


But as soon he opened the door before he even had the time to look ahead, a bottle that seemed to be filled with handwash liquid hit his face.


He screamed in pain, covering his face, and was about to back off

but two men appeared behind him out of nowhere pushing him in!

"You piece of Shit! How dare you make me wait"

Eren who fell rolling on the washroom's floor raised his head looking at the owner of the voice.

It was the same man who asked him to come to the Washroom!

But unlike his face which gave off a gentle vibe before, his face now was filled with anger and arrogance!

His face was distorted and looked like a demon in anger, Eren instinctively covered his head, trembling!

"Look at this pussy! trembling like a worm, ughhh! It disgusts me the more the longer I watch him!"

The young man kicked him in the stomach, spitting on his face in disgust!


Eren wanted to scream at the pain which felt like his insides were bursting apart, but he swallowed it inside knowing the beating is only going to increase if he screams.

"You were enjoying the party very much, aren't you? Do you think you are worthy to even enter the party hall?"

The man continued kicking him again and again as he went out all his frustration!

"Just cause my sister bought you home, you think you are one of us?"

The young man asked as he pulled Eren closer to his face holding his hair.

"Remember! Scum like you can never be part of our family! You are just a toy, that my sister bought home because she liked it!"

The beating continued afterward, He kicked him, punched him, and beat him up until he felt relieved!

At some point, Eren had already lost consciousness, not being to endure the pain!

The young man backed down straightening his clothes and hair seeing that Eren was no longer responding!


He called out and not long after a young woman with green hair in a maid outfit entered the washroom.

"Yes Sir!", She bowed to him as soon as she came inside, she looked at the mess that he had caused and at the unconscious Eren at one side!

"Heal him and take him to his room, if sister asks anything, just tell her that he had too much wine and tripped in the washroom"

He walked away saying that as if he had nothing to do with what happened there!

Scarlet looked at Eren as a pained expression appeared on her face, she clenched her fist in anger and a killing intent leaked out of her eyes targeting at the young man who was walking off.

But before anyone could notice it, she quickly managed to hide it and said in calm tone.

"Yes, Sir"


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