Chapter 25

Clarriss closed her eyes like she was thinking, she felt a headache coming on. Omen was really driving her crazy and she knew he was enjoying this.

“You have six brothers and a stupid stepmother, ask them to teach you English for god sake!” she yelled.

“I do lack thou,”

Clarriss stared at him weirdly

“I want…. You,” Omen said out passionately.

“You teach Omen, Omen grants Clarris wish,” he added.

“Clarris laughed, and what do you think my wish is?”

“Death,” Omen replied.

Clarris breathed in, closed her eyes, and asked, “and if I refuse?”

“Thou shall live with me down here for eternity, just like thou cursed mine father,” Omen replied.

Clarris swallowed hard, was this her fate? Was this her punishment? Why was she the unluckiest girl in the universe?

“Listen to me carefully, I will kill you, any chance I get…. I advise you to do the same!” she yelled out.

Omen's lips twitched in a smile, he knew keeping her alive was going against his father's wishes but he was curious about her. He mo
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