The Son-in-Law's Revenge Against the Elites

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The Son-in-Law's Revenge Against the Elites

By: Jaq Drop OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When Rohan’s wife, the angelic Kyndra Walton of the rich and powerful Walton clan, died. Her family’s abuse fell on him. Without his wife, his other half, living with the Walton's becomes a living hell. When he thought it won’t get any worse, he discovered that he was heir to a considerable fortune that the Walton’s desired to use for the upcoming national election. He was invited to a party and realized that it was a trap to take his fortune. Thrown and dying, he’s found by someone who changed his face and his entire identity. Despite his savior’s warning not to take revenge and find happiness instead, he returns to the city to reclaim what is his and to take revenge on the people who killed his beloved wife and abused him. A rise from the ashes journey of a beaten man that will shake and rattle the foundation of the Elites in the country.

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76 chapters
Chapter 001 - Kaden Walton
Rohan wipes the sink while listening to the Walton family in the living room. He grabs the laundry basket and heads to the washing machine. Tomorrow is a weekend, and the Waltons will be home. He must stay out of their way and focus on his tasks tonight to avoid them.Rohan’s heart races as he hears someone turn the doorknob. When he sees a servant coming to check on his laundry, relief washes over him. He relaxes and the man looks at him strangely before leaving.Done with his tasks, he pushes the door to his small room in the servants’ quarters. In the center, a dark blue rug covers the floor, but the smell of mold and decay lingers like an old house that’s been closed for years.Rohan closes his eyes, exhausted–the flat pillow and hard bed become a distant thought. After his wife dies, the silence surrounds him like a loving companion. The beautiful and kind Kyndra Walton—loved by the gods, but taken too soon.Suddenly, Kaden bursts into the room and glares at Rohan on the bed. “Is
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Chapter 002 - Kaydance Walton
Rohan wakes up, exhaustion filling him up. Sunlight streams in the window, yet he feels overwhelmed. He stares at the familiar ceiling of his bedroom but finds no comfort. Dread builds–it’s Saturday morning.Ignoring the trembling of his legs, he goes to the washroom. Splashing water on his face, he notices the swelling and pain in his stomach. After a bath and fresh clothes, he returns to his room and sits on the bed, feeling heavy and numb.A knock comes at the door. Rohan opens it and finds a female servant holding a breakfast tray. He frowns at the coffee and the food.“Sir Kaden sent me. He mentioned you got into an accident last night.”Rohan nods, and Sara, Kaden’s personal maid, enters. Sara is tall and slender with a plain face. Her hair is pulled back in a bun. She is dressed in a gray uniform and black apron and carries an air of confidence.She sets the tray down and pats the bed. “If you would sit here, I can look at the wound on your face,” she says. “And anywhere you ar
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Chapter 003 - Kendrick Walton
After his bath, Rohan enters a sun-filled greenhouse of vines and flowers. Inhaling the sweet scent, he relaxes in the comforting oasis.Rohan knows he’s dreaming when he sees Kyndra smiling down at him. Her dark hair falls around her shoulders, and her eyes sparkle in the light. She moves closer and presses against him, whispering, “Come to me.”He bolts awake, groaning. It had been a while since he last dreamed of his beloved wife.“Fuck me harder! Ah! Come for me!” It is a shrill cry of a woman amidst ecstasy.Rohan crawls towards the sound and sees Kendrick Walton and Chelsea, the famous actress, in a passionate embrace. She is writhing beneath him as pleasure wracks their bodies.Kendrick yells, “You whore! Stop faking your orgasm!”“I am not,” she purrs. “You are so good.”Kendrick whirls around and bellows, “Who’s there?!”Rohan panics as Kendrick’s eyes flash with murder. There’s no way to escape.Kendrick takes his pants and a gun. He fires. Rohan feels a sharp pain, and bloo
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Chapter 004 - Elite Party
The grand party is filled with vibrant colors, music, and lights. Guests are dressed in their finest and are dancing. Buffet tables are set with crystal glasses, dishes, and food. The aromas of sweet desserts, savory meats, bread, coffee, and flowers fill the room.Rohan stands stiffly as Kaydance Walton smiles at their greeters. Kyndra should have been the one attending, but now Kaydance and Rohan have to substitute.“Why are there too many people?!” she complains, her arms interlaced on his. “I thought this is a gathering of the elite? It’s not elite if there’s a lot!”Rohan still thinks the number is small. Less than a hundred for the entire country.“Do something, dog!” Kaydance orders.Rohan ignores her command. His shoulders ache from Kendrick’s hit yesterday, and he is uncomfortable wearing a black tuxedo while others wear colorful gowns and suits. Thankfully, he only had to stay until Kendrick’s announcement.“There are a lot of handsome actors here. Dog, make yourself handsom
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Chapter 005 - Saved
Kaden pulls Rohan’s head up. “Since you will die soon, I will tell you something really good,” he says. He leans closer to his ears and whispers, “I killed my sister Kyndra. I had no choice. She is about to squander our fortune. Too much for being one of the Twelve Elites. She is a massive fool, destroyed when she met you.”Rohan’s eyes flew open and sees the ceiling of a house. He is only dreaming. No, that was real. As he was dying, Kaden whispered it to him. That monster killed his wife! And then, he killed him too!His eyes begin to well up with tears. If he could go back in time, he would do everything differently. He and Kyndra would stay together forever. Instead, they wasted years, and their marriage only ended in misery and sorrow.“Why is the young man crying?”Rohan’s eyes go to an old man by the door. He is holding a pitcher with a small cup on top. And on his other hand is a water basin with a towel hanging on its side.“So, angels look like that?”The old man chuckles. “
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Chapter 006 - New Face
When the gauze is unwrapped from Rohan’s face, he realizes he is looking at a stranger in the mirror. His terrified eyes scan his new features, feeling the unfamiliarity of his changed jaw, cheeks, and eyebrows.“I am sorry, but your face is too beat up that I had no choice but to completely change it,” Crete informs him too late.“Why...”“It’s also safer for you. If those people realize that you are still alive—”Fury boils within him as he snatches Crete’s collar, cutting his sentence off. He balls his hands into meaty fists. He lifts his arms, ready to unleash his wrath, when he holds back with great effort, leaving the air quivering with his anger.“Don’t worry, I understand,” Crete says.Rohan’s face contorts with rage. A sea of white-hot anger engulfs him. His jaw clenches. He can feel his heart pounding as every ounce of his being is consumed by the fierce desire for vengeance.Without warning, he storms over to the chair and unleashes a furious onslaught of kicks, obliteratin
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Chapter 007 - Rudi Rowe
The city is still the same as before. Heavy traffic. Pickpockets. Vendors on the side of the street. Women having a catfight on the side. It is chaos. Yet, there is a certain sense of comfort in him. Rohan has been here for a few months. He’s been studying the elites, taking information, and planning his next moves.Rohan walks down the busy streets. He spots a few men in black suits going to his destination: the fitness center. He follows them until they enter the gym.Rohan enters the lobby and looks around. There is a woman behind the counter checking people out. He approaches.“Good morning, I am Rudi Rowe. I am here to apply as one of the gym trainers or cleaners,” Rohan starts. “I just need a job.”The woman looks at him from head to toe and back again. “If you can wait there,” she says, pointing at one of the couches. “You are just in time. I believe the boss is looking for a new personal trainer.”Rohan nods and obeys the woman. He sits on the couch and replays his separation
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Chapter 008 - James Yu
Three months later...Rohan is in front of Yu’s employees. He is the first quarter’s top awardee because he’s got a couple of clients and is earning decently. James approaches him with a smile on his face. “Congratulations, Rudi! You’ve done well.”Rohan nods. “Thank you.”“You are welcome. I was wondering if you would like to join my team. I am looking for a personal trainer to help me manage the other trainers.”Rohan is stunned. This is precisely what he wanted–the opportunity to work under him. That way, his revenge will be easier. “I’m interested.”“Great!” James claps his hands together. “You start tomorrow morning.”James turns his attention back to the other employee and says, “For anyone who would like to have the same position. Work hard, and I will include you in the team that I am building.”The employees cheer. “Now, let’s celebrate!” James shouts. “To a successful first quarter!”**************The next day, Rohan arrives at the gym early in the morning and sees James s
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Chapter 009 - Seen
The day of the show has arrived. The audience watches the program while waiting for the host to call on James. He is the recent winner of another fitness reality show competition. A few minutes later, when the emcee announces James, he comes out wearing a shirt and pants instead of his usual suit. He sits down in front of the camera and smiles at the audience. “Hello, everyone!” he chirps.The host starts with the interview, while Rohan stands on the side. He watches closely how James presents himself to the public and tries to memorize everything he does. He could use it against him later.“You won last year’s competition. How did you prepare yourself for this season?” the host asks.“I trained harder than before.”“What kind of results did you get?”“I was able to increase my muscle mass by two percent.”“That’s an appreciable increase.”“Not so much. That is why, for this season, I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my goals.”“How many trainers do you have?”“Only one, but
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Chapter 010 - Plans in motion
A multi-step plan. Kyndra had always told him that to win, he needed more than one alternative plan in case Plan A fell apart.Now, Plan A has fallen apart. Kyndra mentioned that James was a closet homosexual. So Rohan expected that after that scene with the hired whore, James would force him to become his lover. That way, he will offer a different male to be his lover.“Rudi, don’t just stand there. Open the door,” James orders.That’s when Rohan realizes he’s been standing and staring at nothing for a while. He is inside James Yu’s office pretending to be a good employee.Gathering himself up, he walks up to the door and opens it. Mr. Dugal enters the room with a young man behind him. A new personal trainer, his hired male escort. The man is tall, muscular, and very handsome. He has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. His lips are full and pouty. He wears a tight black tank top underneath a polo shirt and grey slacks.He glances at him and gives a single bow as acknowledgment. The
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