Son-In-Law: Become A Billionaire

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Son-In-Law: Become A Billionaire

By: Dream D OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Noah Hunter was the son-in-law of the wealthy Noble family. He lived a life as a servant. Parents-in-law despised him. His wife didn’t care. The Other family members took pleasure in torturing him. For five years, Noah lived in hell. Noah had an enormous debt and a poor old mother. He couldn’t escape the Noble family. Noah had no right to die. A strange encounter with a homeless man changed his life. Now, Noah will start revenge.

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  • Precy Quijano


    I love the story

    2023-07-04 12:22:46
  • Roger Langley


    waiting for next chapters

    2023-01-05 00:22:05
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12 chapters
Chapter 1
Noah wandered on the road. The weather outside has dropped five degrees. But Noah wore a simple outfit. He wore a thin T-shirt. The jeans were faded. The feet in the sandals were red from the cold.Noah wandered the streets all the way. For five years, he has passed this road many times. Each brick and each tree line have been imprinted in the memory. After walking for a long time, Noah stopped in front of a fried chicken restaurant. He crouched in the window and looked at the crowd in the restaurant. There was the smile of a child, the fatigue of an adult, and the busy woman at the counter.He stood there for a long time. The cold didn’t seem to affect Noah because he was used to suffering. The pocket of his pants vibrated, and his phone rang. An electric current ran straight through him, and Noah quickly took out his phone from his pocket. The phone screen displayed a familiar name.“Wife.”Noah hesitated for a few seconds, then pressed the answer. Immediately, on the other side of
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Chapter 2
Fred was highly startled and stood motionless. He closed his eyes. Fred was still thinking about what he just had witnessed. He didn’t think that a weak person like Noah dared to oppose him. His face turned black, and he glared at Noah.Noah hates the way Fred looks at him.The incomparable anger in Noah’s heart increased. He rushed towards Fred. Inadequate nutrition and long-term hard work made Noah’s body look thinner than the average person’s. Contrast Fred as fat as a pig. Noah rushed toward Fred as a prey to find a dead way, ready to confront the hunter. Noah didn’t want to think about it any further. Today, no matter how brutally beaten, he must teach Fred a lesson.Noah’s tiny body quickly approached Fred. The speed was very fast, and Fred was unsteady, so Noah pushed him to the ground. Their screams caught the attention of the people in the house. Everyone quickly ran out into the yard. They saw two adults men lying on the ground. Originally, Noah was not as strong as Fred, s
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Chapter 3
Noah woke up at dawn. He just had a terrible nightmare. He dreamed that he was beaten to death, thinking that his life would end. After that, his mother was excessively abused by the Noble family. In his dream, he became a wandering spirit with his mother. She had to live a very miserable life, becoming homeless. The pain in his body reminded him that it was only a dream.Memories return. He remembers his battle with Fred. Anger broke out and he defied everything. He had never been this mad in five years. Noah looked around. Noah looked at the white wall along with everything in the room. This is the hospital. But why is he in the hospital? Noah wouldn’t be naive at the thought of the kind Noble family taking him to the hospital. After yesterday’s incident, Fred will take revenge on him. Noah could imagine Fred’s tortures.“There is no medicine for regret in this world. That bastard can do whatever he wants. I have nothing left now.”Noah laughed mockingly at this life. He didn’t know
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Chapter 4
Lucy turned her head involuntarily. She looked at Noah, waiting for the next thing he might ask him. Noah very rarely calls her name. Instead, two people communicate, talk, and have minimal contact with each other. And Noah was always silent, not daring to meet her eyes to answer. When Lucy heard her name being called by Noah, the anger in her heart was quenched. Noah raised his head. How long has it been since he looked Lucy in the eye?“Thank you.”In Lucy’s cold gaze, Noah lowered his head once more. It was because I was emotional that he just called her back. Now, he didn’t know what to say. Lucy waited for a while and did not see Noah say anything more. She turned her head away again. Noah looked up at his wife leaving out of the room. He didn’t know that her cold, stiff face had relaxed for a few seconds. Noah lay down on the bed again. He rolled around for a moment, blaming himself.“You didn’t say anything nice in the end. Just let her go like that.”Noah sighed heavily. He wa
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Chapter 5
In each of his words, Noah made Fred angry to the point of discomfort. The painful wound on his neck reminded Fred of the humiliation he had to endure. Noah is a dog. A dog who always obeys, does not dare to fight back. It dared to hurt him. Everyone laughed at him. Fred couldn’t stand it.“Now I give you one last chance to atone. Kneel on the ground and bark like a dog that apologizes to its owner. I will take it easy more with you, but I still never forgive.”Fred puffed out his chest and said haughtily. He will re-record the video and show all those who are smiling to mock him. What happened before was just an accident. Noah’s face darkened. He knows Fred is an asshole. Now, Noah had a system. Fred will become his repository of anger points.“This is my error. I was crazy to act like that.”Noah lowered his head, his hair obscured his eyes, making it impossible for the opposite person to clearly see the up and down expressions on his face. Fred heard Noah’s words and laughed. He la
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Chapter 6
Adam followed Eric. One hand on the back of Erik’s neck and the other on Erik’s arm. His foot kicked Erik’s calf hard. Speak slowly, but all the action takes less than five seconds. Fast, decisive, and powerful movements. Erik felt a sharp pain all over his body. When he regained consciousness, he was pinned to the ground. Can’t move. Everyone, except Noah, was surprised by Adam’s actions. The people who hit Noah stopped to look at Adam and Eric. Fred dropped his handkerchief too. He shouted. “Are you losing your mind?” Erik quickly calmed down. He wanted to move his body, but he couldn’t. Because Adam is too strong. He immediately gave up resistance. The sound is very mellow. “What do you want? Are you going to help Noah?” Fred’s face darkened. Fred regrets taking Adam with him. He chose Adam because Adam was tall and fit for a fight. But from the beginning until now, he has always forgotten the existence of Adam. “What do you want? It’s none of your business.“ Adam didn’t even
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7:Noah looked at his points after loading the window.[Anger points: 115.]He can buy a few things already. He will even have one use of the wheel of fortune. Noah hopes that a reward will be put to good use. Noah opened the wheel of fortune. He looked at a pile of rewards, what kind of rewards he didn’t know. The reward was too small and the image on it had to be seen with a magnifying glass. He thought about his reward from the previous spin. Probably something was picked up by the system. He spins it just to add to the game experience.Noah sighed. He did not know the purpose of this system. And he has no other choice. Time would answer all of his questions. If he wanted to change, he had to rely on the system. Noah pressed the “start” button on the system. The tiny needle turned again and again, and finally slowed down and stopped.[Congratulations, player.You have received the item: The bestselling novelist’s book +1.]Noah saw the name of the item. It was dark before h
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Chapter 8
Noah found a piece of paper and jotted down things to note. He surveys the current trend of web novels. The ideas in mind are neatly organized. Noah was pleased to turn off the computer. He returned to the room. Now, he wanted to see how much the system's items could be used.Noah lay down on the bed, his upper body leaning against the wall. In front of Noah is the system window.[Player: Noah HunterAge: 27Race: Humans of planet Z888Health: 3/10Intelligence: 3/10Skill: 0Props: The bestselling novelist’s book (disposable item)Anger Point: +15Wealth: -100000000 KNBReminder system: You should earn money to repay the debt. I embarrassed that my master is someone with such a large debt.]Noah clicks on the props on the screen. It is a picture of a book.[Item: The bestselling novelist’s bookIntroduction: Do you aspire to be a famous author? Do you want to conquer readers around the world? You have a chance to fulfill your dream.Level: B (Note: This book was loved by many readers
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Chapter 9
Alex click going to the website to read the story. He opened chapter 1. He read the first 3 chapters. Alex's feelings right now are very good. He really likes this author's writing style. Alex loves signing on to fantasy books. This book made him want to read it. He thought for a moment and then opened Word. “4. Very good opening. I want to sign with you. I am not sure if this book will have good results. But I will try my best. I will send you the contract later. This is my Vio account. Please make friends and directly discuss issues with this book. (Link).” Alex replies to the author right on the website system. He appreciates the author's genre and style. The current trend in the fantasy genre is stories with fast plots and simple characters. The author of this book writes very slowly. Dark style. But Alex loves the way the author writes. He is willing to give this author an exclusive contract. On the other side, Noah turned off his computer and went to sleep a long time ago. It
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Chapter 10
Lucy bought him a lot of clothes. Noah chose a simple, polite outfit and went out. He went to the address Lucy sent earlier. Noah knows this place. This is the center of the city. This place has a lot of companies set up offices here. Company of the Noble family in his place. Noah entered the largest building. He entered but he was stopped by a security guard.“I want to check your Employee identification card.”Mike is the security officer of this building. Last night, he went to the casino and lost all his money. Recently, he was ridiculed by other security guards. Mike's mood is bad. He was angry at the security check. At this moment, he saw a young man approaching him. He looked at the man suspiciously. Costumes are not like employees in the company, do not wear name tags or employee identification cards anymore. The face is also very strange. Such clothing is definitely not a business partner."Employee identification card?"Noah asked doubtfully. He was a little confused. Especi
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