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By: Stephanie OngoingUrban/Realistic

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He had just gotten his tattoo and begun his walk back home when he was held at gunpoint. That night he met a man who claimed to be a friend of his father, who introduced him to his world of guns, blood and violence. Takashi has to overcome all that and stay alive to get his revenge. But who can he really trust?

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  • damilaredarex


    Will you keep writing? Read the first 2 chapters and find it interesting.

    2024-01-02 06:31:31
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22 chapters
Dangerous encounters
Gang violence.Something you see home and away. A natural phenomenon. Just something that is inevitable. From the most advanced countries to the underdeveloped you’ll always see a gangster.A group whose aim is completely unknown. Maybe just to cause trouble. Maybe they just like the fear and respect. Just to cause destruction, or to deal in drugs, human trafficking and many other things that gangs get into.It’s just best to be on your own and be careful. Avoid them at all costs and stay safe. Do not become their victim.The TV went off.The woman sighed and stood up. She was currently the only one home and it was getting really late. Both her sons weren’t home yet. She wondered what they were doing.“Mum I’m home!” her son yelled.“You’re back” she said relieved. She looked round. “Where’s Takashi?”“What?” her son asked confused.“Yes him”.“I thought he was here already” he said wide eyes.“No he isn’t Lee. You two were meant to be together”.“Mum don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine. A
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Ultimate resolve
He didn’t know who he talked to on the phone. Probably that girl, and he was given an address. He was told he could come anytime he felt like, and also alone. Well that wasn’t a problem.The problem was his loving brother.Who wouldn’t leave him alone, and kept asking questions like he was doing now.“Who gave you that card?”“I found it myself” he replied.“They don’t just leave cards like that on the street” his brother said. “How would you know?” Takashi asked with a smirk.Lee buried his face in his palms, and then ran his hand to his hair slicking his curls back. “Look Takashi, you’re my brother, and I want to be sure that you don’t have yourself in a whole lot of trouble”.He rolled his eyes.“You can’t get yourself mixed up in….Just tell me you’re not in any sort of trouble”.“I am not Lee,
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The big boss
The next day he felt horrible. Sleep was meant to make everything better, but it just made it a hundred times worse. Was this how everything was going to be?KNOCK! KNOCK!That had him up on his feet.“Takashi”.It was Geiru.“What is it?” he asked.“Get off your lazy ass and let’s go”.“Where?”“Did you forget what happened yesterday? Get dressed let’s move”.Takashi dashed into the bathroom. Five minutes later he was dressed, and ready to meet with the leader of the gang.He opened his door to see Geiru standing there impatiently. “Done?”“Yes” he replied all smiles and she groaned.“Let’s go”.They were not at the stairs yet, when the woman of yesterday who approached them, appeared out of nowhere.“Good. You’re up”.“Problem?” Geiru asked.“N
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The devil in white
Megumi sat at the dining table alone and she liked it. She liked this little moments just to herself and her thoughts. Sometimes having the weight of a gang got to you that you could kill yourself, but one had to be strong and never show weakness. That was what her father told her.Remembering her father just filled her with rage. She would get her revenge very soon. Now that she had a very huge asset that no other gang had. Fujiwara Takashi and she smirked. She would be on top as always like it is meant to be.She stopped when she heard footsteps.Karou rushed in and she looked troubled. The face she had when there was bad news.“Tell me!” she demanded.“The warehouse blew up” she whispered.She watched as the fork bent in her boss’ hand. Her nose flared and she stood up. “How did that happen?!” she yelled.“I don’t know boss. Ms. Sachi called and she said as they arrived at the prem
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Sinister Plans
Things had been quiet. A little bit too quiet and it was unnerving, but Megumi was enjoying the peace and quiet. Things were back to the way it was, and how things were meant to be. News must have spread about how she destroyed Red Dawn, and she was at the top again. Having all of them bow to her just like when her father was still here.She groaned at the thought. Remembering the day she lost her father. They would all pay.They were going to pay.She turned to her window and Kenji was by the pool. It’s like everyone hid until she beckoned, and she loved it. So much power at her disposal.She left her office and would just take a walk to clear her head. Not so far into her walk, she saw Takashi again.“Takashi” she called and the boy turned to her.“Good morning ma’am” he said. “Call me boss” she said. “Ma’am is just wrong coming from you” she smiled. “Again w
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“I know your secret” Kenji said.“Excuse me?” Takashi asked not really trying to be surprised. Struggling to keep the neutral mask, and he hoped he wasn’t shaking the way he thought he was.“Like I said. I know your secret, Takashi Fujiwara” he leaned closer.“What secret?”“Do you really want me to say it out loud? I’m sure that Megumi would love to hear that”.Takashi let the fear take over just for a moment, but that was enough for Kenji. That proved him right.“That I’m sure you don’t want. You have no idea how this gang thing works, right?”He was silent and Kenji went ahead.“You haven’t seen someone beaten to a bloody pulp, or gunned down before you, or what was once a man left to bleed out? You really don’t know what you’re in for Fujiwara”.“What can you prove? Because I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about” he wasn’t going to admit to anything.“You may be right and you may also be wrong. Do you want to test if I know or not?”Taka
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Takahiro glared at the bag he had been delivered. He had been informed by some incompetent idiot that told him he had a delivery, and now he was staring at a big duffle bag and if it wasn’t money in there, he didn’t care.“Open it” he told Jun.He was still angry that Megumi had gotten away, and he had lost more men to that annoying brat, who had the audacity to come to his club and shoot at him. He’d make her pay. But first he’d make the rest of his men pay the price first.Jun groaned in disgust.Pulling the zipper to the end, it was a bloody, gagged, bound and naked Geiru still breathing and seemed to be awake?Takahiro grimaced at the sight and turned around.It wasn’t at the state she was in. No! Far from that. Her being here meant she had failed and since she was here, Takashi was there and alone. And he could only guess the condition. He should probably ask her the state he was in, but he was sure she couldn’t remember anything.A number was performed on
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She was in the car that day. By her father’s side. Always by her father’s side. That was why everyone knew her as daddy’s girl. No one had ever seen them without the other. So it only made sense that he always took her everywhere.To close of a deal, work, parties and handle business. He had told her that, “This will be your life one day. Better get used to it now”. And she was getting used to it, but always had a caretaker watching her. Bodyguard, but her father wanted her to see her as family. Karou’s mother at the time.During that time she had been unlucky to meet Takahiro. She didn’t like how the man looked at her, and how he looked at her father at the time. She didn’t know the meaning of sinister at the time, but she knew later that was what it was. He’d just stare at them for some time which scared her, and then smile.He reminded her of all the vultures she had seen on geography channels. Just waiting for their prey to die. She scared him, but her dad was there to
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An attack from the past
Months later…. Tokyo seemed to be the right place for him to be. No one knew his name, no one knew what he had done, and no one knew what he was capable off. He had stopped being bothered about what he did. Ever since he left and days went by, day by day the guilt lessened until it was nonexistent.But he wouldn’t forget about Geiru.He found a decent job and he didn’t have to worry about gangs anymore. “Can I get something to eat?” he looked up at the woman that had ordered.“What do you want?” he asked.“Are you on the menu?” she flirted leaning close.“No I am not. Please order something off the menu” he said. As a worker, he couldn’t be rude to the customers.He had received compliments, but she was different. She was really….how would he say? Forward. And she looked different anyway.“No need to be a spoilsport. I’ll have some pancakes” and she winked walking to her table.“Yeah Takashi don’t be a spoilsport. Maybe you wouldn’t be so stiff if you got with someone” h
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She could still remember.How could she forget?Getting back home and she knew she was late. She couldn’t get in a taxi with how beaten up she was, and couldn’t risk being followed.Getting there the house was quiet, when she knew that celebrations over victory carried late into the night to the next morning. The problem, it was quiet and the lights were still on and the gate not fully closed.She already had one, problem now there was another. Had Red Dawn launched an attack? Because Takahiro wasn’t really dead like Megumi had claimed. Walking in, the first thing she saw the dead security guard.Looking down she didn’t see a wound. And he wasn’t the only dead one she saw. She took a gun out and approached the house cautiously, passing bodies as she walked by.What had happened?She walked in slowly the door was ajar, and she dropped her bag immediately looking at the bodies of her gang members. She approached forgetting about protection, that maybe the person responsible could still b
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