Night in the Violent Forest.

The sky was clear that morning. The city of Shanggu was imbued with a happy mood. Everyone was eager to get to the Magentum Institute's arena to watch the magic students of Qingchang Country compete. One of the largest momentums in the Qingchang Empire is this one.

You won't have a spot to watch if you are even a little late.

A startling truth was encountered in the arena's environment. Before the semifinal duel started, something unexpected occurred.

When Gerania's name was called, Kiran was already on stage. Lennox from Skylight Academy is his opponent today, and they are both from Shanggu City. Not to mention that Lennox had begun the proceedings with a surprise and that Gerania's cue had already sounded.

"I admit my defeat!" Lennox spoke loudly. The incident caused a commotion throughout the entire arena.

"What? I found it hard to believe. Repeat the action one more time!" Gerania scowled. It gracefully landed on the stage after gracefully diving down with its lovely wings.

"I con
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