Those Dark Energies.

There is no need to wait until the talent competition Finals start at eight o'clock in the morning.

At this time, all the benches in the stands of the Institute arena were full of spectators. There was not a sitting room left. The audience, who did not get seats, were forced to frown with sour faces, standing outside the battle court to watch the silhouettes of the Finalists on magically arranged tablets when the duel later took place on stage.

There were many important people present at the talent competition finals today.

Not only Witch Ailbert and Zetta Mui, who since the semifinals have been watching the talent contest while sitting in the seat of honor with enthusiasm but Judge Banegi – City Lord of Shanggu, is also seen sitting next to The Witch Ailbert. They seemed to be deep in the discussion.

People noted that two Patriarchs of the werewolf Clan were present and sitting not far from the seat of honor of the Witch Ailbert and Judge Banegi.

Patriarch Conrad of the Moonfire Clan
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