The Strongest Husband

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The Strongest Husband

By: Estherace Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A minute is enough to ruin someone's life, Anthony saw what he shouldn't have seen and that very night , armed men came to his apartment and the next morning he was framed and arrested of a crime he couldn't even imagine of committing. When no one believes him and he is accused by his in law's, friends and neighbors of a crime he would never dream of doing, he is sent to jail for life, what would happen when an unexpected offer gets him out of jail. Anthony was certainly going to find out who framed him and take revenge, even if it's the last thing he does. But the mastermind is more cunning than he thought.

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Chapter 1: A man with no dream. 
A man with no dreams has no direction in life, that's what Anthony's high-school teacher would always say in class, even though Anthony didn't understand his words back than, now he doesAnthony's dream is to get promoted at work, so he can become a manager and finally get enough money to buy a house and not pay rent anymore. He knew that his family would be so happy. That was the one thing that kept him going no matter what he had to endure in the office , which was a lot.In the early morning of Tuesday.Anthony was getting ready for work and he looked at my wristwatch and clicked his tongue in annoyance. He woke up late again, because he didn't get up from the bed when the alarm went off the first time. It wasn't the first time it happened ,so he was sure he would get to work on time.He has already put on his suit and shoe, the one thing that was giving him a hard time was this awful tie that refused to do its job.Anthony was struggling with his tie when the door opened and hi
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Chapter 2: I won't ask again.
Anthony knew that it would not end well if they caught him, so he ran with full speed to the elevator.“Stop him before he gets into the elevator, shoot him!" One of the men yelled.“Don't shoot him, it will attract attention and it will be more evidence!" Another yelled and Anthony's eyes widened.Anthony was fast on his feet and got into the elevator, because it was the quickest way to leave here. He was covering his nose and mouth with one hand and he used the other hand to press a random number in the elevator button.He saw one of the men was closing in on him and the man was about to rush into the elevator. Anthony tossed the gift bag on the elevator and used his leg to kick the man who dodged and grabbed onto his collar trying to drag him out of the elevator. Anthony punched the man straight in the face with his free hand, while still covering his face with the other hand, causing the man to let go of his collar and fall, passing out in the process, the elevator door closed an
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Chapter 3: How many people did you tell what you saw?
Anthony recalled what he had seen in the enclosed parking lot in the company he worked in and knew it must be what the man was inquiring about.“I...I only called the police and told them and they did not arrive even after six hours. I didn't tell anyone else what happened." Anthony told the truth, because he knew that lying would only anger the man , since he was sure they had his company ID card.“Why did you go to the parking lot?” He asked Anthony. “My boss asked me to get a gift bag from his car boot.” Anthony replied immediately, his eyes were still on Amelia. “Lying to me would have a lot of consequences, so are you sure it's only the police you called?" The man's baritone voice rang in his ear and Anthony nodded, as he looked at the man.“Yes, I only told the police about this, I didn't say a word to anyone else, please let her go. This is all my fault , you can just do anything to me, but please let her go.” Anthony pleaded in a desperate voice as Amelia's eyes widened in
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Chapter 4: Accusations
The atmosphere was tense and no one dared say anything as three men in police uniform looked at the unsettling scene in front of them in horror. “What the heck happened here?" One policeman asked ,as he crawled up his face in disgust. There was blood on the floor and it was also slashed on the wall, it was unsettling to see.“You know what happened, no need to ask questions ,you can see the gun in his hand, he committed the crime. "The second policeman said ,as they exchanged glances and nodded. The gun used to kill Anthony's family was placed in his hand to frame him.The third policeman crouched down to Anthony's level and raised his hand and hit Anthony's cheek ,and the resounding slap made him instantly open his eyes and he wanted to stand up, but a bad headache hit him causing him to twist his face in pain.“Ah!" He groaned in pain, as he sat down and another police officer was taking pictures of the crime scene. “W..who are you?" Anthony asked the policeman who had just a
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Chapter 5: Framed
“I was clearly framed by someone.” Anthony responded. He was hungry and tired but no one was even paying attention to his words and were just looking at him like some stain in this world.“They must have been wearing gloves and after killing them they put the gun in my hand, I am innocent,” Anthony spat out in frustration.“I saw some men getting rid of a body and now they killed my family. Shouldn't you be looking for the person who killed my family instead of asking me silly questions ? Why would I have to actually kill my own family?"Anthony asked in a bittered voice, as his eyes were red from anger.He hasn't even had time to mourn or cry for his loss,since all these accusations were thrown at him.If not for the handcuffs chaining him to the table, he would have seriously attacked this man who was asking him the same question over and over again.Why did you kill your family?Anthony has said it wasn't him, but no one would listen. What reason would he have to kill his own fam
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Chapter 6: Life imprisonment
Anthony was walking into the courtroom ,when Amelia's mother, who always praised him for how well he treated her daughter, stood up with tears in her eyes and pointed an accusing finger at him, while her whole body was trembling with anger.“You monster ! How could you kill my daughter? I told her to leave you and she would never agree ,now look at what you have done to her, you psychopath!" She yelled angrily with tears running down her cheeks and Anthony was just stunned and stared at her in disbelief. His mother in law has never told his wife to leave him, she was one of the people who always settled an argument he had with his wife, so he was wondering why she was doing all this.Was it money he wondered?Anthony was too hurt and too surprised to even talk.He was placed on his seat and one by one, his neighbors, his friends and his in-laws testified against him and said that he always abused his wife, his younger brother and his mom.They even went as far as saying that he has a
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Chapter 7: Mr Frank's offer.
Anthony was sent back to the prison, to wait for his next client to come for him. The three men in his cell have now become his personal maid, after their fight and his return made them fear him as he had gotten more dangerous, more muscular and more insane and people avoided him.Anthony was sitting on a chair, one of his cellmates was using a makeshift hand fan made from paper to fan him, as the other was massaging his shoulders, he was practically the boss here.He closed his eyes and was enjoying the massage. The third man rushed into the cell,his eyes were lit up in happiness so Anthony knew it was good news.“Sir , someone wants to see you.” His cellmate informed him.“Who?” Anthony inquired with half interest. “Mr Frank.” He told Anthony. Anthony has heard that name before, he is a rich man who recently came into the prison. “Okay, lead the way to him.” Anthony instructed , as he followed the cellmate to meet this Mr Frank. “So he used to work for Frank's corporation b
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Chapter 8: Arranged marriage.
Anthony left the prison cell and met up with Mr Frank's secretary who came with a car to pick him up.“Sir this is your personal bank card. It has $60 billion dollars in it and this card is unlimited, I can't say how much is in it.” The secretary informed him as she gave him two bank cards.“Did you say billion?” He asked in surprise as he was looking at the bank cards in disbelief.He has not touched one million dollars in his life let alone billion , this was just too shocking. “Yes sir.” She replied and Anthony smirked. Becoming a billionaire in just a day,this would make things easier for him as he plans his revenge since money won't be an issue. “Let's go.” He told her as she opened the car door and he got in and she got in and drove off.Anthony couldn't stop looking at the bank card even after the car started moving.The first place he asked the secretary to take him was the cemetery to see his family. When they arrived at the cemetery, Anthony stood looking at the tombston
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Chapter 9: Disrespectful salesman.
The salesman backed away from Anthony when his secretary and drivers arrived.He knew he was outnumbered, however the owner of the car shop was looking at him with displeasure evident on his face.The salesman almost made him lose a good customer because of his rude behavior. “You are fired.” The owner of the shop told the salesman. The salesman turned to the car shop owner with his eyes round in shock “But I didn't do anything wrong.” The salesman argued.“You should leave, before I call the police.” The owner of the shop warned him.The salesman refused to leave and the owner of the shop called the security to drag the man out, the security dragged the man out, as the carshop owner apologized to Anthony again for the salesman's rude behavior. Anthony told him not to worry about it ,as he instructed the drivers to get into the cars he just bought and they all got into the car and Anthony got into the car that his secretary came with,he was in the backseat with the food she drove
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Chapter 10: Ceo Anthony Martin
A week later, everyone was gathered in the conference room waiting for the lawyer to arrive.The executives of the company were murmuring amongst themselves wondering why a meeting was suddenly called.James and Travis the first and second son of Mr Frank were getting impatient the more they waited for the lawyer. Anthony sat with Iris next to him and he noticed she had her head bowed, as if she was trying to disappear from here.The door suddenly opened and all eyes turned to the door.The lawyer arrived and walked to the mic at the head of the table, everyone waited anxiously so he could read the instructions of his client Mr Frank. The lawyer took out a piece of paper.“Good morning everyone, as Mr Frank's lawyer I have come to read his instructions.” Lawyer Bryson said aloud.“I want to inform everyone that my client Mr Frank has given 70% of his shares and properties to Anthony Martin and 30% to his youngest child Iris Frank, Anthony Martin is to start working in the company an
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