Beneath the whispers

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Beneath the whispers

By: Jewel writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I am Bella and this is my story. I was too heart broken from my boyfriend's betrayal that I wanted to get some fresh air, a few moments away from the poisonous reality of my mind drenching life. So i signed up for a reality game. My zeal had led me to this abandoned town where nothing made a single sense. Realizing that my life and that of my newly found friends were in danger, we had to do whatever it takes to leave this town and save the villagers. But first we have to uncover the secret behind the whispering shadows that kidnapped people and the creepy mansion on the outskirt

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This is me, Bellatrix. I like to go by the name Bella, and I also like my hair newly styled, mustn't be over a week! I visit my nail salon every week, too. In fact, I am just done with this week's manicure, obviously on my feathery purple gown with a little ruffle on my shoulders running across my breast, low enough to reveal just a little cleavage and keep his mouth watering. He loves how purple contrasts with the warm beige skin tone I worked so hard to keep even. My steps would have been just like a runway model if I wasn't carrying a heavy cake and my heel was not an inch too high; I was supposed to practice this yesterday. Ugh - anyway, I won't let that get to me. I didn't forget to lace my small lips with reddish-purple lipstick. So loving how it matched my heel! His apartment is on the sixth floor of the high-rise building in front of me, and the few minutes’ walk from the garage is already hurting my foot, but no, I still need the bright smile to complement the exoticness of
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Chapter 1
Miss Bellatrix, a close friend seeing me right now would say that I am a skeleton of my normal self. It wasn't my first time as a 19 year old to have been on a long boring ride, most times it was outside the city with my friends for what I would always prefer to call 'unwinding’. Particularly because my mum can be a reporter when it comes to prying into my private life This time I ride for hours not knowing exactly where I am headed, my bright blue flower patterned dress in contrast to the gray color of the seat’s leather. I did spare sometime for a good make up, blood shot red lipsticks and pink blush complimenting my warm beige skin tone. Who knows who I'd meet in this 'God knows where’? The image of Jeffery with the pudgy junior from college flashes through my head, I shake it off with a sneer and my squeezed face lightens as I stare absent minded at the roof of the cab. How would I have known that the business proposal he got during the holidays at his Uncle's was in fact a girl
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Chapter 2
The day I saw my boyfriend cozied up, I don’t remember driving but the next thing I know I am at home scrolling through our pictures and crying, I broke a few frames and rubbed myself against my bed. Blur blur blur and next thing I am scrolling through my social media handle and deleting our couple video. Then an ad pops out. It says Stop watching the game, be in it That was enough to spark my interest, clicking on it and in no minute I am in a site, too lazy to read or observe the complicated features and the image of what looked like two ghosts. I simply scroll until I get to some bold writings that said: all you have to do is uncover this mystery and lay the twins to rest to save the village “What twins?” I muttered to myself, scrolling back up to see where the story started. I read In a faraway town, surrounded by nothing but hills and trees, hot like in the summer and the rains never wet the floor, a woman married to a ruthless man lived in the only mansion in the town, her hu
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Chapter 3
The town’s outskirt would pass for an abandoned place but going further in, there were people going about their businesses, a small market with thin leaves substituting the roof of what seems like a tiny box. The house surroundings were a lot kept, the windows shut close and piercing eyes glanced contemptuously towards me mostly from the old women, what I couldn’t fathom was that some did look at me in pity. I don’t know how I manage to not shout ‘hey people. I, your beauty queen am here to save you’ out loud but I am shouting it in my head right now “Wow, this place is beautiful” I wide gazed at the flat roofed hotel building with my mouth slightly open. In contrast to the hut sized houses of the villagers, I am facing a building located in the middle of what seem like an empire of land, the fence is covered from the inside with fiddle leaf trees with stem stretching to half the length of the fence’s brick work and grasses cluster at the foot of the fence The house itself with has
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Chapter 4
The sun had faded and the sky above the Millerton hotels gray with clouds creating what I would always call art, with another few clicks in my phone I smile at my sheer talent with pictures but my smile grows distant when I steady my gaze back at the sky. I have always wanted the opportunity to look at the sky quietly on a hill feeling the massage of cool breeze brush against my face and maybe going for a dip in the ocean every hour. But my last minute decision of signing up for this stupid game had eventually landed me in the middle of a town where everybody stared. “What are you doing out here?” his deep voice grows behind me. Did I forget to mention that Tony’s voice is a definition of heart tripping deep? I control my breath before tilting to face him briefly I hope he found time to cover up at least “A lot on my mind” I reply just as my gaze met his. disappointed, I heave a deep sigh turning back away from him, he walks up by my left, strolling closer until his spicy bergamot f
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Chapter 5
My huge soft bed sank as Tony crashed on it with his butt, making my whole body wiggled from the effect of the bed bouncing back to form, frowning at him with the full brows that I carved last night raised “must you?” I blurt and he giggles in response squeezing my chicks playfully like I would my little sister and before I can react he is resting his head on a pillow that he placed on my laps. ‘Player’’I snort, as if reading my mind he winks at me. Rolling my eyes I shift my gaze from him to Rose, gracefully crossing her legs on the tiny couch by the bedside, her long sleek hair in a high ponytail pouring on the collar of her white fluffy gown, her warm skin tone shined from high up her lap down to her feet which were hanging from the floor – and again how is it that Tony is sharing a room with her and they don't seem to be romantically involved. “So – boss – the plan?” Thelma’s shrill voice breaks the mumbling from Rose making a snap chat video to Tony whispering some words I know
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Chapter 6
The chilly air in the city swayed the low grasses against our boots, I didn’t really want to go on my first detective mission a.k.a saving the village agenda with the grumpy ass mate that seems to be jealous of me. Not like I blame her though but I am still disappointed. Tony did want to go with me, I saw it in his squeezed face when Rose chose to go with him. I am pretty sure he glared at her to change her mind. It could even be that they shared a room because her ass was scared to go to bed alone in this weird ass town or just her obsession with unaware pictures and videos. “They just keep staring” Thelma says, dragging my gaze towards her, her voice is a lot more friendly and she is gazing helplessly at the old woman who hurried into her tiny house which I would argue is a freaking hut. Thelma was right though, from the looks of it, the villagers would stare and when we look back they would go back to whatever they were doing only to stare again after we had looked away. They wou
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Chapter 7
Anthony On the other side of the hotel, the houses laid scanty and there were more trees on this side than the side Bella had taken with Thelma, the houses were mostly empty and the few we saw hurried in and locked themselves before we could reach them. From the look outside of most of the empty houses one could tell that inside was dripping with messiness. Speaking of messy, I wonder if the other girls had torn each other apart in a feat of rage “I live in an estate so I have a hard time adjusting to this place” Rose’s soft voice wallowed in the silent atmosphere while I and Olivia grunts at her in response. She is making a video with her phone for her fans, I wonder why she needs a response from us. She had been telling a tale that I wasn't following, the trees stood tall from the pathways and we could barely see the hills that led us here from this side. This is probably the most affected place in the town. “There seem to be only old people here” I mutter, dragging Rose’s atten
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Chapter 8
The setting sun poured red lights on the narrow empty streets and the lights within the huts grew even brighter, the silent calm evening breeze brushing against the low grassing, swaying dry soil over them. My room had the white fluorescent flickering lights on too and everyone is present except Olivia, all their gaze focus on a group of teens hugging themselves on my bed trembling and whimpering. I sat by the side table opposite them with Thelma standing beside me holding a mean frown. I found them where I remembered seeing them the previous day but this time they didn't giggle or play games instead they shook with fear all forcing themselves on the wall when I tried to approach them and it did take me hours to convince them I am not a ghost kidnapper. Chuckling within me, I watch Tony pat the youngest among them, a girl who had not stopped sobbing her neat ponytail now loose and messy with her tiny hands covering her face on his chest. “How are you kids here?” Thelma’s typical co
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Chapter 9
And just like that, it is morning again. Thanks to the hole in the curtain, the light from the sun rests on my eyes causing me to squeeze my face, using my hand as a shade, I slowly open my eyes. The fluorescent bulb in my room had tripped off, maybe during the night Come to think of it, I never really noticed the torn holes on the curtain fabric when I arrived. Something that was supposed to be a game vacation is starting to feel like a joke, with one day gone and not one prominent clue as to what happened to the mansion family and their relation to this kidnapping whispers. Scanning my mind through the movies I have seen looking for possibilities of some back story like a group of kidnappers using a horror story as a front. But that wasn't clicking – a lot of unsettling questions would arise. How will you explain the kidnapping shadows that whisper instigated by mere mortals? Even the gamers couldn't pull it off and worse still unless they sold them or their organs, conducting a k
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