You Are Not Alone

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You Are Not Alone

By: Khadija Jamal OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After the death of his mother Tania Paracha, Hadi brought back his sister to his father’s house, being a child raised in a broken family had affected his personality but his sister’s is worse. Taking charge of his mother’s business he works hard to prosper it before handing it over to his sister, however, their success was not appreciated by their enemies, the past is still effecting their life and Hadi is eager to resolve all those issues once and all, his father Ali Paracha is a great help to him. Their parent’s separation is a big question for Hadi and his sister, but soon they learn it was to keep them safe only. Determined to find out the reason and fighting with their enemy, they pass through every hardship, as that’s the only thing their enemy doesn’t want.

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55 chapters
Heavy curtains on windows had covered the only source of natural light in this room, the room was completely dark and gave the night's look. The person laying on the bed had hidden her face in the pillow but the sound of sniffing tells that she is crying. There was a knock on her room's door but she ignored staying in her same position, after a few seconds there was another knock on her door, this time the person didn't wait for permission and opened the door slowly peeking inside to see. He stepped inside the room, shutting the door behind him when he saw her laying on the bed, shivering due to crying, sadness appeared in his eyes, it was painful for him to see her in this state. He walked to her and hold her by the shoulder making her sit. "Stop it Mahtaj, it's already been days you are crying" Mahtaj looked at him with her puffy eyes, but again tears rolled down her cheeks. She lowered her head and was sobbing, Hadi hugged her, understanding the pain she is feeling. "Okay, you
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I am leaving
Khizar was busy with his office work when Pareeshay entered his room pushing the door with her all force that caused the door to bang loudly and hit the wall.Khizar stared at her angrily, only she and Shajia were the ones who dare to open his office door without knocking or bothering to ask permission."How many times I have told you guys to ask permission before entering my room and opening the door slowly, no need to barge in my office in this way, do you guys want to break the door?" Khizar scolds her, but she didn't care, instead, she grinned at him."Oh, come 'on, why you are getting so angry, it is not good for your health, cheer up, and for the door, if it's broken then you can replace it, in fact, you should thank us, we gave you the chance of having a new door." Saying to him playfully she slumped at three seated sofas in his office.Khizar rolled his eyes at her."Tell me the reason why you have come here, and shouldn't you be attending your class at this time? You left the
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They are not happy
She was sitting with her friends after the lecture ended, there were only twenty minutes left in their other lecture, so they all skip lunch and preferred to take juices only.She was doing MBA and it was her last semester, she was sipping her juice, and watching every table when her friend Anum nudged her shoulder to get her attention. Shajia shifted her gaze to Anum and looked at her questioningly"Did you decide where will you apply for the job?""She doesn't need to decide or find a job, she already has her father's company which she could join" Dania commented on Anum's question, Shajia just got bored at her friend's stupid assumptions. She placed the empty can of juice on the table and crossed her arms on her chest."And why you thought that?" leaning towards her she questioned."Isn't it a simple thing to understand, your father owns a company why would you go somewhere else and work in a low position when you can be a boss in your father's company?" Dania shrugged her shoulder
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What you want?
In the evening, all members of the Laghari house were sitting in the lounge, gents were discussing their business matters, while women were busy preparing for dinner.The cousins were enjoying their time when suddenly Pareeshay stood from their group, all looked at her questioningly, but she ignored them and sat beside her father.Yahya Laghari snapped at his daughter, his brother's attention was also diverted to Pareeshay, smiling sheepishly she said to her father in low voice."Dad, I want to open my own gym" listening to his daughter's wish he sighed, Khizar had already updated him about her coming today in the office and reminding him about it, he also informed him that she didn't like him refusing her idea.All the ladies of Laghari's house were stunned when they listened to her. Pareeshay was already aware of her wish therefore, among all her cousins she was the only one who was relaxed and didn't show any reaction.Yahya Laghari was about to speak to his daughter when her wife
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Khizar parked the car on the porch and entered the house, in the lounge Tooba and his aunt Madiha were sitting, he greets them and went upstairs to his room, before entering his room, he turned to go into Mahtaj's room and he was expecting the door was not locked.Shaking his head, he called her to come outside of the room and wait for him in the garden, he is coming after freshening up.While he was in his room, changing his clothes, he was thinking about how to start the conversation with Mahtaj.It was not easy talking to her, they lived separately since their childhood, he remembers when he was 6 years old, her mother left his father's house and went to live with her parents, taking his only sister Mahtaj with her as well, as she was a year old and needed mother care.Since then, both siblings never met or knew about each other. When his mother died, he went to her house and what he was told, and what he promised, he brought Mahtaj here to Paracha's House.It was not easy for him,
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I have applied
Khizar was sitting with his father and uncles, discussing the new project they were offered. He was persuading his father to accept the project by describing the benefits this project will provide."You said, the company contacted us at their own will for this project," Ahmed Laghari asked his son after listening to his complete presentation on this project, Khizar nods at his father."Paracha group has a good reputation in the business society, I don't find any reason to not work with them." Hisham Laghari, the youngest brother of Laghari, give his decision in Khizar's favor."They do have a good reputation, but what I know about them is that they are two brothers owing this brand name but are running their business separately." Yahya Laghari took part in the discussion, Khizar agreed with his uncle and feed them more details about the Paracha group."Yes, both brothers are in the business of hotels and they own and run them separately, but to us, Taj Hotel management has contacted w
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Did you like here
Hadi was in his room, sitting on his bed, keeping the laptop in his front, he paused his work and rested his back from the bed to relax.His day was very busy today, he spent most of his time in his mother's company, he visited the factory, took briefings on the orders that had been completed and those in progress, and also met with their important customers.Manager of the company handover the piles of data to him, which were the work they had done on Tania Paracha's planning and the decision she took. Now he was reading to all of them, his mother was indeed a good designer and businesswoman.He also has some plans related to this company but for this, he first needs Mahtaj's opinion, he had to wait for this considering her condition.He was lost in his thoughts when the door was knocked and Hashim came into the room, looking at his friend's face, Hadi smiled and stood to hug him."Had a good sleep?" shoving his hands in his trousers pocket, he asked from him."Thank God, I was so ti
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What do you mean
"When are you guys giving us treats?" Sasha was sitting in the car's back seat with her cousins, when she asked Shajia and Pareeshay, Huma also nods at her, and listening to them Taha sitting in the passenger seat took part."You think these stingy women will give a treat to you" Khizar laughed hard at Taha's comment, Shajia hit the file in her hand on Taha's head."Whom you called women here? We are girls" Shajia glared at him."Yes, beautiful girls" Pareeshay also glared at him and repeated Shajia's words.Today was Shajia and pareeshay's first day at their job, Khizar was the one dropping them off at their destinations, it was his duty since he had his driving license.When everyone was chatting, Sasha asked her cousins, but Taha's jokes gave chance to Shajia and Pareeshay to save themselves from the treat. However, she was also smart, and she stop other from meddling."Hey, stay away, you guys can fight later, First let them confirm the day of giving all of us a special dinner" Hu
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Don't you think you are wrong
"I cannot tolerate her, the day she came into this house and every time I look at her, it feels like I have been slapped every time my eyes see her and making fun of me when I was thinking that I have won it all was just an illusion" Mrs. Madiha was talking on the phone sharing her feelings with the other person on the call."Don't take this to heart, we will sort this out. Don't worry" the person tried to calm her down."I am not worried, but I don't want her in front of my eyes. When she walks into this house as if she owns it as if I have lost and I am now a loser." Her voice was full of loath, hate, and the same time the feeling of helplessness."I can understand, tell me how are Hadi and Ali's treating her?" her sister tried to understand the situation at Paracha's house."Ali hasn't talked to her but Hadi is just around her" scrunching her nose she updated her sister."Hm, okay I try to make time and visit you in two to three days, then we shall plan about what to do next" her s
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Does it bother you
"I am informing you nobody will be able to save your brother from me if I did not get this job today." Pareeshay was talking with Shajia on phone.Khizar messaged her to say that he is busy and couldn't come to pick her up, the driver will be there during her off time and will drop her at Hashim's gym, and that he has talked to his friend and that there is nothing to worry about.After reading his message, Pareeshay called him many times but he did not respond to her. Therefore, after trying for unknown times she called Shajia, and Shajia couldn't stop herself from laughing.Listening to her best friend laughing at her situation, Pareeshay got furious."Don't you dare talk to me, I am the one to be blamed here." Glaring at the view that was passing from her eyes she said to her and hung up the call.A few minutes later, her phone rang, checking the caller ID she answered the call."What?" she sneered on the call."Hey, not to get angry, if he said he has talked already then there is n
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