The Supposed To Be An Extra Will Change The Game!
The Supposed To Be An Extra Will Change The Game!
Author: ZeroWeiss
Chapter 1: Beginning: thank you for being with me

*Door Open*

"Brother... It's time to eat... Here..."

"Thanks, Lyn..."

I look at my little sister, sky blue hair, pale dust golden Almond eyes, white like a snow skin, gentle lips, her cheek looks so soft that you want to pinch it. She was wearing a gown that fit in her body, dark purple dress with frillies’ between her upper and lower dress.

She also holding a blue rabbit stuffed toy with peach flower on its head. Her name is Lyndell Evans 8 years old my little sister

Lyn gave me a slice of bread which is I accept. Because I was not able to eat for 2 days... while eating I look at Lyn, I notice that there's a water in her eyes.

"Why did they treat you like this brother"

" It's because of my hair..." i said while eating.

"I... don't understand... Just because of that...?"

"Because I'm a curse..."

I smiled gently at my little sister who's gripping her hands between her gown that was about to get tangled. I hold her hands and warmly look at her as if I'm saying it's okay. Then i patted her in the head.

My hair is not normal like to other’s... because my hair is black. They said black hair people are the epitome of Evil, they do not deserve to live. That's why when I was born, I didn't get treated well.

At first, I thought it was only normal when I was 4 years old. But it changes soon as my mother said in her dying state.

"Why did you even here?" Mother said "I don't want to have child like you" she paused for a moment and look at the ceiling and said her final words" You monster..."

It pierces through my heart. Because I know already my situation back then I cried, I didn't get treated as a human but a monster living in a body of a child. I knew it already, I just ignored it...

The fact that my father doesn't care about my mother and me. The way they treat mother and I my Older brother who is hurting me to the point I'm at my doorstep, the maid who make me eat rotten food and push me to stairs, my step mother who purposely drink me a poison which I was almost at my near death.

My father who treats me like a monster and pushed me in front of the others as if I am nothing but an insect to him.

I endured all of it for the sake of my mother... my mother last dying breath seriously pierce my heart. But I held no grudge on her nor hate for I know. She didn't mean it... Because she won't let me live and take care of me if she doesn't love me... sacrificed herself for me...

After my mother died... no one and EVEN made a grave of her for she was given a title of "The one who bring birth to an Evil" they throw her body to a cliff....

Which I put a lot of effort to search her body below the cliff... And after I see her... My mother... I grab her lifeless body... I cried and cried. mourning to my beloved mother. I tried to lift my mother and go for the cliff where an old tree is hanging there which perfectly seeing the sunrise every morning...

I dig a grave for my mother next to the old tree using my hands. My fingers are already bleeding but I did not care any of it, finally. I finish digging. I put my mother's lifeless body into the hole and cover her whole body of dirt...

"I'm sorry mom... I didn't give you a proper grave... But this is the place you like when you are still a live..."

I said that while crying and gripping my hands which is bleeding. I remember when I'm with mother. She was always going here quietly and sitting at the old tree while looking to the sun that was about to go down... when I see my mother like that, I knew that she likes being here. that's why. even though I didn't able to give her a proper grave at least I gave her a place where she feels relax. a place to her liking.

"Mother...sniff...I Love You So much... Sniff...huu"

While rubbing my eyes I walk away to my mother's grave...

Rael did not notice that the person he loves, his mother is looking at him with a happy smile yet sad, maybe his mother has something she wanted to tell to her son. but failed to do so...

A soul of a person looking at the small kid as the figure slowly disappearing in her eye’s, finally as the figure disappearing the soul finally able to say what she wanted to say.

"I Love You... Rafael... My only child..."

I looked back because I heard my mother's voice but nothing was there... But I know, as I clearly heard it.

"I Love You, Rafael, My only child."

Back then I was so happy that I forgot my situation... I thought no one would care about me except my mother but I was wrong. one day an Illegitimate child came to our house her name is Lyndell she became the daughter of marquis Rield Evans, my father. I only look at the mirror looking below where Lyn and I first met... we looked to each other back then.

I thought my day will not change... but no Lyn didn't treat me as a monster but a human. My mother and Lyn are the only one who treated me like this.


"Hm? Ah, no. It's nothing"

What a pleasant yet sad memory I remember... When I was about to stand up something fell next beside me... it was a blue bear keychain... Now that I think about it... that person too. will I ever to meet her again?

Silver hair, pink eyes, her face look serious back then... as if she didn't enjoy anything... she looks cold to every other...

When we first met in some kind of grassy place that I don't remember. We became friends and promise that we will meet each other again...

Now that I think about it... we did not introduce ourselves back then...

"Will we be able to meet again??--"



Something unexpected happen and that change my life as I regain my memory in a situation that could call worst timing.

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