11: Crazy Ass Bitch

Crimson High

Students flocked around the school premises, Cars packed around... Hundreds of Students moving, Lovers, Gangsters, Brainies and Many more, all in their different groups while some are still lonely and single... No lovers... No friends... That's singular to the world Hehe.... 

A yellow Lamborghini alighted parking skillfully, Jace and Marcus advanced out of the Lamborghini with smiles beaming all over their faces, Jace the most handsome seems to be drawing attention from all the females which enraged boys in the vicinity. 

" Such a lousy bitches, Prideful cunts taking our girls attention away from us " a teen scoffed while relaxing with his gang, A gang of notorious cultist which are feared in the school, Everyone despise Jace and Marcus, Am referring to boys only. 

" Yeah this dude deserve to be beating, We need to damage that face of his so that the girls will only focus on us " Another dude said from the Gang as they all stared daggers at the moving Jace and Marcus who entered the building with smiles. 

" Let's ambush and deal with him, Let's teach him a lesson that he will never forget in his damn life, Who is with me? " Another one uttered but nobody replied as they kept their mouths shut without uttering a single word. 

" you want to send us to our early grave right? Andrew And Andrew died on the same night in different places, Killed with the same pattern which is bloody and destructive to us all, We can't attack except we kill him " The leader spoke out after been quiet through out their discussion. 

" Yes boss... Let's end his damn life for good this time around " 

" Very well then, Prepare and dig his grave, Very soon he will be buried and no one will know where he is or how he died " The leader said and all his Gang members hailed him with pride because they were happy that Jace will soon be killed and buried. 

Jace opened his locker taking his books into his bag, Everyone stopped staring at him and they were now focusing their gaze on the windows and door, Jace and Marcus hurried to know what they are all seeing. 

Lo and Behold The Dreaded ones are back, Alicia Chevolet and Kristy Vladmir emerged from different cars... Alicia brought to school a pink colored Lamborghini while Kristy brought to school blue Bentley... Everyone wowed while some were afraid because their terrors are back. 

Brenda emerged from her SUV With smiles, It has been long since she came to this school, Her parent were only taking her time in training her, For 5years she has been training to become a proud and brutal Hunter like her senior sister. 

" Oh no the she devil's are back, Why aren't they in Spain? " Girls and Boys whispered and muttered in fear and anger, Jace who seems to be new to the school knew not what they were talking about, But what he understands is that this girl's seems to be brutal in all their ways because many fears them... He decided to ask some questions. 

" Who are they? " Jace asked tapping a girl in his front. 

" They are the she devil's, The Vladmirs and the Chevolet, Anyone who crossed their parts never lived to tell the tale, It's just a warning " The girl answered him without wasting anytime she walked out on him leaving Jace speechless. 

" Bro I guess we need to start heading to our class, Lectures has already begun " Marcus whispered advancing towards their classroom with Jace following him from behind, They were quick but Mrs Nenji was already teaching. 

" Good morning Ma " Marcus greeted and Mrs Nenji stared at them.

" Good morning brandons, What made you two very late because I know you two to be the most outstanding students in this school and also in my Biology Class " Mrs Nenji asked. 

" MA something came up and that made us late, We promise that it won't happen again " Jace said with smiles beaming from his face and Mrs Nenji nodded, Jace and Marcus found their way to their sit... They were sitting besides two twins(Girls) and I believe they are newbies. 

" Hi " Jace greeted and the first girl smiled while the second frowned at Jace. 

" Hi am Clara Reys and this is my Sister Diana Reys, We are twins and we are newbies I guess " The first twin answered with smiles, But not a crushing smile or love smile but friendly smile at Jace but she had that loving smile for Marcus.

Seems Marcus got a girl crushing on him! 

" Wow.. Wait are you the Abducted daughters of Senator James Virgil, The richest billoniare in The World? " Jace asked and they nodded. 

" Yep why asking? "

" Nothing I just wanted to clarify something but if I may ask, Why does your sister don't smile at anyone and anything not even Jokes, Have seen her before and she is always moody, Not even smiling one bit " Jace asked and Clara giggled. 

" We had an incident nine years ago and since then she has never ever smiled in her life, I am not even supposed to smile but am always friendly, All past are gone and the future is what we all are anticipating about right? " Clara asked and Jace nodded. 

" Here is our boy " Marcus announced while smiling, Collins Montero advanced into the classroom with his bag hunged around his back, He approached Jace not smiling one bit, He is sitting beside Jace. 

" Get your ass out of my sit " Collins ordered staring at the boy sitting on his chair. 

" Why will I get out? Are you the owner of this school? " The boy asked smiling deviously but a massive punch landed on his face, Collins lifted him up slamming him hard on the wall, Collins tossed the boy's bag away and he settled down on his chair. 

" Are you kidding me Collins, Must you have to do that? " Marcus asked. 

" You know me to well Marcus, You know that am ill tempered so I asked him calmly and he rejected the calm offer so I had to do it in a hard way, I don't bully at all, What I do is that I beat the crap out of you so you will learn to obey " Collins smirked. 

" Ma please don't do this to me " A guy begged for forgiveness, Alicia could be seen sitting comfortably on the main hall filled with physco maniac boys and Girls, Alicia doesn't deal with Gangsters and cultists. 

Kristy mainly deal with them! 

" I want to ask you some questions, Why is it so difficult to bring me the head of the mafia x leader? The Mafia x are in this school and you know who they will be targeting...My love you dumbass " Alicia cursed. 

" Miss Chevolet we have everything all planned out, The school is controlled by your family right? You have your ways in finding the Mafia x leader in other to save your lover's life " The young man stated while shivering. 

" How dare you speak to me in that manner, This will be the last time you will talk to me like that, There won't be a next time because you will be dead immediately trying it, I warn before taking action and when I take my actions.... You will surely regret it " Alicia warned standing up from her chair. 

" You can all go back to your separate classes " Alicia ordered with a sternful look on her face, Everyone left the hall remaining Kristy who could be seen feasting on her apple with her pen knife, Alicia heaved deep down while Facing Kristy. 

" What troubles you cousin? " Kristy asked with a scornful look while Alicia hissed. 

" Hey just because our mothers orders us to be partners doesn't mean we are friends or cousins, Let's remain as Hunting partners and not cousins bitch " Alicia uttered with discorn while Kristy giggled loudly. 

" When the time comes Alicia, That your secret lover will be mine, He will surely be mine " Kristy muttered and Laughed. 

After series of lectures, The Closing bell rang and everyone jolted up with happiness filled in their veins, Gradually students came out of their separate classes in their different groups and love lives. 

Alicia could be seen watching as students departed from the school building, She has been waiting for the right guy to show up, She has longed to see him for a very long time in history of love... Hunter loving is kinda rare....! 

Jace and Marcus advanced out of the School building, On sighting Jace Alicia smiled joyfully but her countenance changed immediately she saw the Reys Twins, The abducted twins of Mr James Virgil... Her worst nightmares.

She boiled on seeing Clara rubbed her filthy hands on her man, She had love Jace for a very long time, She granted him a fake tour with businessmen in other to keep him out of her way of abducting his family, Her love for him is none and the way he smiled at Clara made her hurt. 

But that isn't his fault because he knew Alicia not 

Fast Forward 


Jace landed on his bed relaxing his while body, it was really a stressful day, He met new friends and his main friend which is Collins because Marcus is his brother even though he is abducted but Marcus still sees him as his real bro.... 

' That girl.... That Alicia of a girl, She is too pretty ' Jace said in his mind while relaxing on his bed, He had already taken his bath well enough, He could be seen lying down on his bed with his night robe and he drifted into the dream land. 




Bodies littered on the ground, Blood stained the grounds, Armed men putting on Metal suit opened fire simultaneously without mercy as many beings dropped down dead while some fought back transforming into their supernatural self. 

Jace looked around with tears flowing down freely, His body were covered with wounds and Bite marks, He fought of many gun men killing them in the worst brutal way, Lilian laid flat on the floor with a bullet In her skull. 

Mr Montero leapt high landing heavily in the midst of the gun men, without wasting anytime Mr Montero ripped out two gun men heart, He caught hold of the Rifle which was directed at him and he stopped the already unleashed silver bullets half way. 

" Argggggggggghhhhhh.... Extero MO " Mr Montero screamed out swinging gun men away like they were nothing, Mr Montero punched and kicked two Gun men effortlessly and he lifted their vehicles smashing them on the fellow Gun men. 

" You failed us Tribrid "

" You failed us... "

The Voices of the dead kept banging his head and he screamed out in pains, Tears flowed freely from his eyes as he saw his father been shot down by a pink colored girl who held a well loaded with plutonium bullets Gclock 19 pistol. 

" Argggggggggghhhhhh.... I have failed my people, I will make sure you die before I die Pink killer " Jace cursed, Jace whooshed off slamming The Pink killer on the wall, She directed her pistol at Jace but Jace knocked it out of her hands while still pinning her on the wall. 

" You killed my people pink killer, You murdered Collins, Marcus, My father and my sister and mother, You all alone did all this brutality and that means you deserve not to leave....Die!!! " Jace cursed forcing his claws into her neck and she spat out Blood. 

" No matter what you do to me it can never change anything, The deed has already been done... They are all dead " The Pink killer whispered into the ears of Jace and that got Jace enraged the more and he ripped her head out of her body. 

The pink killer mask fell off revealing her deceased face, Jace tilted his head backwards, Lo and behold he saw that the pink killer was his very own wife, Alicia Chevolet..... 

" Alicia!!!!!!!! " Jace screamed out in agony.





Jace woke up immediately, Jace checked the time and it was 1Am in the morning, He doesn't know what is really happening to him, He is already having bad dreams which is very harmful to him says the doctor. 

" Be calm boy... It has already begun " Jace heard the voice whispered into his ears. 

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