16: Full moon awaits us

Rain poured down heavily from the sky, Lightning flashed through the sky creating uproar of disastrous sounds which echoed around the environment, A blue SUV emerged from the highway into the woods while it rained. 

Crickets sprouted out in the sky, Heavy wind blew eerily as the rain fell, After some minutes of driving in the woods, The Blue SUV alighted parking before a red colored bungalow with Surveillance cameras filled the entire walls but where hidden. 

Mr Montero emerged out of the SUV and Mrs Montero followed before Marcus and Lilian who came out of the SUV with a wow description written on their faces, Mr Montero opened the door after been scanned by the Security Surveillances.

Mr Montero opened the door numb, Entered together with his family, He smiled on sighting his pack awaiting his presence, Mrs Montero smiled on sighting the pack of the Montero's, The Pack she dwelled for thirty two years before thinking of making babies with her h

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