31: Soon Squad

Anihilators Base

The Door Burst Opened revealing numerous men putting on white garments and they seems to be in an hurry, in their midst.. A stretcher could be seen as the nurses took the stretcher in a huge hall.

" What is going on? " Mrs Vladimir voice was heard as it boomed around the hall were Kristy is taken for treatment, Mrs Vladimir noticed the unusual movements going on in the Base and she decided to check to know what is going on. 

" I repeat.. What the hell is going on? " Mrs Vladimir asked with a sternful glare placed on her face, She is the type that hates suspense and would kill any servant that's trying to put her in suspense... All the guards knew what will happen next if they didn't answer her questions. 

But someone's gotta be brave to answer the dreaded huntress who is said to have tampered with earth's most deadliest magics back then, Mrs Vladimir is relentless, Evil and pure darkness, The Type who hates showing

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