30: Valiant Warrior


The Great Base of the Anihilators, Heavily guarded with metal suited men holding assault rifles with intercoms placed on their ears, Surveillance cameras surrounded the walls of the base active and Recording everything in the base. 

A Red Ferrari Drove into the Anihilators base, After been scanned by the surveillances, The Heavy Silver gate opened up by itself, Kristy Vladmir emerged out of the red Ferrari look super hot and wonderful. 

Revealing her hot sexy hips and big standing boobs, She is really a seductress that rain terror on her targets, The Guards greeted Kristy bowing their heads down in respect of sighting one of the top hunters in the league of hunters and the head princess of the Anihilators. 

The Main Hall Metal door opened up revealing Kristy Vladmir who slowly entered the Hall swaying her huge ass around for the hunters around to see, And that's what Mrs Vladimir hates the most. 

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