32: My Love

Five Days Later

Everything went back to normal, The Anihilators Base glittered with the spotlights, Meanwhile inside the Large gigantic hall of the doctors and medical personnel, Kristy who could be seen lying down on the hospital bed slowly moved her hands. 

Kristy moved her body calmly with her eyes closed, Her body flickered with red lights, Kristy slowly opened her eyes which glowed, Heavy wind blew eerily scattering everything in the hall including the instruments placed on her body. 

" Oh yeah... I feel so much power running through my veins " Kristy uttered with her back relaxing on the bed edge, Her seductive eyes glowing reddish likewise her body, Her eyes went back to its normal shade and so as her body. 

Kristy stood up from the bed, with a few glance of the scattered hall... Kristy walked out of the Room with smiles, All the guards bowed before her in respect and shock of seeing her awake and strong. 


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