38: All Elite Darkness

Prophecy of the golden wolf

Who knows the dark tales of the tribrid war against the alpha vampire? 

Who knows and understands the unending destruction that is befalling the humans once the alpha vampire is free, Who knows the war against the demons? The Demon lords of both hell and Azaria world. 

Who knows the true prophecy in the book of prophecy? The scroll of descendents is missing, The True worlds of Time is yet to be revealed, Who will understand the world's of the angels and demons... No one! 

The True war is yet to come...! 

Azaria World

 The Palace

King Belveren sat on his throne in sorrow, He has figured out a way to cleanse his daughter's body from decaying, An empty throne room with a sorrowful king who has lost both his dear wife and his loving daughter. 

" If only I knew who killed my precious elena, I will rip his head off and make the whole world see who had murdered my

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