70: Evil reign

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Queen Elsa found her way into the throne room of the dragon empire, She has given the dragon armies orders to get ready because they are heading straight to the human world, The Eradicators commanded her and she must obey. 

The Gigantic door opened up by itself, The two generals of the dragon warriors walked in with their armours on, Their swords hanged on the shoulders Because of the war that is too come, Blood will surely be shed.

" My queen.. We have the armies of the dragons brought before your humble feet, What is the next order that we may execute? " The first general asked, Their heads were all bowing before queen elsa with their knees on the ground. 

" I need squad four down to the human world... I need them to trace the blood moon pack and bring me the tribrid " Queen Elsa asked, She sat down comfortably on her throne.. Commanding the two generals before her. 

After she successfully mu

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