69: Feels the feud




The sounds of a fast approaching vehicle boomed around, The sounds of bullets followed as the entire sounds closed in, A vehicle emerged from the woods, Moving as fast as it can move.. Three vans followed from behind. 

Masked men opened fire at the over speading Porsche, They were all shooting from the windows with their Ak47 firing at anything, But their main target is the blue brand new Porsche moving from angle to angles. 

" Oh yeah baby, You aren't gonna hurt me " Alicia said, Her hands on the steering and her feet on the brakes, She turned the steering to left, The vans followed the Porsche from behind, Their Machine gun releasing bullets without mercy. 

Alicia picked a Gclock on the chair while her left hand is on the steering and her eyes fixed on the road in other not to have an accident, She moved her steering to the right, Turned the Porsche to the right and she drove off speedily. 

She increased th

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