75: Its all my plan

❄❄❄Tyrus ❄❄❄

All the gods gathered themselves together before the mighty thrones of the primordials, Both demigods and goddess, Ancient spirits of nature and so on appeared before the mighty thrones of the primordials.

Like it as always been, The primordial princess made their way into the golden hall, Then the princes followed with pride and powers, The Mother goddesses appeared on their different thrones Because they hate making an entrance. 

After patiently waiting for three minutes, Everyone bowed before the mighty thrones, The primordials appeared on their thrones with their crowns on them, Raven was the last to appear on his throne. 

" You may have your sit " Theus spoke out, His milky voice carried authority and power, Only a nigh omnipotent being like Theus can destroy the entire Tyrus, The primordials are the only one that can order anything in Tyrus and it must happen. 

" What do we have here? " Zord asked cal

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