76: End of the world

The end of the world

🕧🕧🕧1 week Later🕧🕧🕧

Shrieking sounds boomed from all corners of the world, The earth quaked vigorously causing panick among the humans, The Skyfall City is beginning to fall apart... Creatures coming out of a gigantic black portal. 

Black creatures with huge bat wings slicing policemen into pieces, The sky became dark with lightning Thundered everywhere, House roofs were been torn apart as the humans were ripped into pieces. 

Many humans drove their vehicles, finding their way out of the city of Skyfall, It all started two days ago... The government caught three bat monsters but they still hid it, Now the world is crumbling... The Skyfall City is the gateway of the bat monsters. 

Cars were been smashed, The earth quaked consumed many human who were running, Huge amounts of Lavas shot out of the quaked ground causing the humans it caught to burn into ashes. 

 Wait a minute, There were n

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