"What are you talking about?" Jeffery gave this man one tight slap. "Of course, we have to save Isaac, but we need to deal with James and Davis."

"Yes, Mr. Dick," All his men lowered their heads and roared in unison. As the sky got darker,

Jeffery’s men finally found out where James was. "James was at his former residence. It is one of the Millers properties. The latest news is that Davis and James are now in the Hotel in the southern district."

"Miller’s organization?" Jeffery squinted his eyes and snorted, "Leo has really done a lot. Just because James had saved his son, he actually allowed them to hide in one of his houses."

Jeffery had investigated earlier on that James was the Bailey’s family's useless son-in-law. Then he had the backing and support of Leo to become the man with power and status today.

After knowing all these, he despised James even more.

"What are we waiting for?

Let's go." Jeffery drank the red wine from the glass and said, "Today I want James to beg like a dog
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