"An armed car?"

Jeffery's eyes were wide open.

"Mr. Dick, be careful!" As a piece of broken glass was about to pierce into Jeffery's neck, one of his men jumped in front of him to protect him.

Then the armored car charged in. It was well equipped, and the members of the team dressed in black cami suits had live ammunition.

Jeffery was in a state of shock. His men could not move at all when they saw the members of the team in black camo suits.

Jeffery had been in many confrontations and fights all his life. However, he had never seen such a powerful and imposing battle array.

Before he could come back to his senses, he felt whirlwind coming his way.

"Is that a... plane?" One of his men pointed to a big piece of open space. They saw a few planes that had landed there. "Not just planes, they are fighter planes... No, no, no, they should be combat aircraft." One of the men corrected him.

After hearing "combat aircraft," the lobby was filled with sounds of things hitting the ground.

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