Chapter 31: Mother.

Alex's point of view:

Ceo Diana smiled.

“I think I want to find out the truth as well, let's go to my office, I think it's best we discuss this matter there.” She told me and she turned to the executives in the conference room.

“This meeting will be postponed ,I will notify you when I am free, and you can get back to work.” She told them and they said yes ma'am in unison.

“Follow me.” She told me, as she began to walk towards the door and I followed after her, so did Henry.

I thought she said we were going to the office but she walked straight to the elevator and got in , so did Henry and i.

When we were in the elevator she took out her phone and made a call.

“Get the car ready, I am in the elevator, I want to leave the company building and head to the hospital.” She told the person she was calling and the call ended.


I arched my eyebrow, but didn't say anything else.

Henry who was standing beside me was looking at me suspiciously ,as if I had done something wrong.

I just
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