The Villain's Ascension To Heaven
The Villain's Ascension To Heaven
Author: Just Evil
Cruel reincarnation

Two high school upper class men sat in a dark room surrounded by computers, their gaze fixed on the videogame they were playing.

One of them is Ken, and the other is Evan. After graduating from high school with honors, they decided to spend the first few months after graduation playing their favorite videogame, "Heroes United."

Ken is currently at level 65, while Evan is only three levels away from matching Ken's level.

"What, I received the gift exactly as you predicted." Evan, who has dark hair, called out to Ken, who has white hair.

Both of them were the most attractive in high school, but only Evan was wise enough to use his celebrity to his advantage in order to attract girls, whereas Ken was a cold guy.

He wasn't cold in middle school; it all started when he lost his parents in a car accident and began having nightmares about being transported to another world and being hunted down by men with mysterious powers.

Ken turned off his headset, his long white hair swaying in the breeze as his cold blue eyes moved towards Evan.

Evan angled the monitor in his direction so that he could see the item he was discussing.

"Necro sword, level 5 legendary weapon, so cool, it can grant me the skill necromancy for two hours a day and a buff against black magic, soo cool." Evan hyped his weapon so much that Ken, who wasn't used to noise, covered his ear with his helmet and wore it again.

His face was on his monitor screen; he had received the same sword, the Necro sword, but his was better because it was level 6.

He, on the other hand, was not the type to rejoice in such things; all he desired was peace and his parents.

As he reached for his blue gamepad, something appeared on his computer screen, making it difficult for him to continue playing.

As he scanned the message on the screen, his eyes squinted.

[Congratulations, user Ken; you have been selected for the reincarnation adventure; however, you must first answer the following questions]

He coldly clicked the close button, but the same ad appeared again; he cancelled it, and it reappeared, deepening his frown; it was as if the ad company was quite arrogant about what they do.

Ads are designed to capture the attention of viewers; if they are not interested, they can cancel it; if they are, they can click on the ad and be directed to a new page, but this one appears to be different.

Ken sighed, the ad had ruined his gaming mood for the day, so he decided to disconnect it, which he did, but surprisingly, only the game left the screen, the ad remained.

He cocked his head towards Evan, who was wearing the same puzzled expression.

'Does this have anything to do with the nightmares?' He questioned himself, but his expression remained cold as before.

"This ad is quite obstinate." Evan complained, a puzzled expression on his face.

"Did it say anything about reincarnation?"

"Yeah," Evan replied, his eyes widening. Ken could see what was on his computer's screen as if he were there.

"Turn it off." Ken instructed in a cold tone, Evan nodded his head and disconnected everything, but the same thing happened, scaring him, everything happening right now was freaking him out.

"Click confirm and let's see what it has for us next."

Evan and Ken used their mouse to control the pointer on the screen; surprisingly, the mouse still worked as if it was powered by electricity, which increased their heart rate.

[If you have the opportunity to use fantasy reincarnation, where will you go?]

(A) The Magic World (B) Cultivation (C) The Apocalypse (D) The Past (E) The Future

Evan was an avid reader aside from gaming, and he had read numerous novels about the following topics, the one he liked the most being magic, so he chose the first option.

Ken, on the other hand, has only read a few novels such as HP and LOTM, as well as some wuxia and xuanhuan genre novels, his favorite of which was also Magic World because he fell in love with the villains.

They were redirected to another window after selecting the first option, where they were both asked the same questions again.

[There are two factions: evil and righteous. Which will you choose?

(A) Evil faction (B) Righteous faction (C) I'm not sure.

Ken chose the first option, but Evan chose the second option this time.

[Congratulations, you have chosen your answer, and reincarnation sequence 90002 has been activated]

[Congratulations, you have chosen your answer, and reincarnation sequence 90002 has been activated]

"What exactly is going on?" Evan was terrified because everything was so strange, almost like what he had read in numerous novels such as "Heir of the Demon Legacy," in which the main characters were reincarnated in the world of their choice.

[You received a lucky pack]

[You received a lucky pack]

[Online reincarnation sequence, time remaining: 0:20]

Ken had a cold expression on his face as he stared at his computer screen, while Evan had a horrified expression on his face.

'Reincarnation, Magic, it's exactly as I imagined.' Ken pondered with a strange expression on his face.

'If this happens for real, will I have a harem or will I be a wasted side character who is always NTRed by the MC... oh god, I'm having strange thoughts right now.'

"What world and faction did you choose, Evan?" He asked without even looking at Evan.

"Of course, magic, and I chose the righteous faction; how about you?" He inquired, his eyes reverently fixed on Ken.

However, Ken did not respond, and the timer on the computer screen had reached 0:10.

A voice was heard in the room at that moment, and it sounded exactly like the ai assistants seen in sci-fi movies.

[Congratulations, users Ken and Evan, your reincarnation has been confirmed]







A vortex appeared behind them and began pulling them in; their eyes widened in surprise at the strange occurrence.


They were already on the verge of being sucked completely into the vortex.


Both of them, as well as the vortex, vanished instantly, and everything in their room returned to normal.

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