The Villain's Ascension To Heaven

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The Villain's Ascension To Heaven

By: Just Evil OngoingSystem

Language: English

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A young man with a cold personality trying to conceal his past was in his room with his best friend playing the video game "Hero United" when an ad appeared on the screen, transporting him to another world as the villain son of the Smith family. With the ultimate system, ' and his dark heart the world was just a step away from his grasp.

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Cruel reincarnation
Two high school upper class men sat in a dark room surrounded by computers, their gaze fixed on the videogame they were playing.One of them is Ken, and the other is Evan. After graduating from high school with honors, they decided to spend the first few months after graduation playing their favorite videogame, "Heroes United."Ken is currently at level 65, while Evan is only three levels away from matching Ken's level."What, I received the gift exactly as you predicted." Evan, who has dark hair, called out to Ken, who has white hair.Both of them were the most attractive in high school, but only Evan was wise enough to use his celebrity to his advantage in order to attract girls, whereas Ken was a cold guy.He wasn't cold in middle school; it all started when he lost his parents in a car accident and began having nightmares about being transported to another world and being hunted down by men with mysterious powers.Ken turned off his headset, his long white hair swaying in the bree
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Villain's domination system
This world is known as Manabirth.It's a magical world, and the energy that causes magic is known as Mana. Those who can successfully cultivate this mana and use magic are known as mages.Being a mage in this world is the greatest thing anyone can imagine; with a mage identity, even the poorest family can become the world's wealthiest and most powerful family....The Smith family is a powerful mage family with a pure water bloodline and a light bloodline mix.This family isn't the best right now, but most people believe it will be the best in the future because of the number of geniuses it produces each year.However, an abominable thing happened today in the smith family when one of their sons managed to awaken his core, but after testing his element affinity, it was discovered that he has a flame attribute and a little bit of dark magic inside of him.The smith family patriarch was enraged and beat the young man to a pulp before ordering his guards to send the corpse into the labyr
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After activating the dark art skill, Ken felt a little change in his own mindset, which made him have a thing for killing all of a sudden, just like the system said the dark heart would stop him from getting pulled down by emotions. In the past, he has been affected by so many emotions: hate, love, betrayal, sadness, and many more, and they have toyed with him savagely to the point where he didn't even have the heart to live anymore and had the red thought; however, that was when his childhood friend and his best friend Evan came to help him. However, in this world there is no Evan, and he was in a bad situation where only his survival matters. He looked up and saw the wrapped gift in midair wiggling, and seeing that he immediately tapped it with his finger and immediately it started opening up and what it was as well as his details caused a smirk to appear on his face. The active skill (Beast Apprentice) has been unlocked.[Beast apprentice: grants the ability to control the mind
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"It will take two more of the beast apprentices to be able to completely make the rock lighter, but I might die of hunger before that time." Ken let out a deep breath in his heart as he sat down and diligently meditated to increase the amount of mana in his mana core. He could not speak of reaching level 2 of the Mana student realm this way, because to reach level 2, the amount of mana in your nana core should be able to be double that of level 1, which was impossible considering that he was always using mana each time after cultivating, and at the moment he could not even make plans for that. Nevertheless, this time his absorption was a little faster, and he was finally able to make the wall thinner in such a way that it would be easy to fall down that part of the cave with just his punch. He absorbed more mana than before, and after that he stood up, his eyes letting out a dark glint as he used beast apprentice on a strength-type beast called the Copper-horned Bull, Ken commanded
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Fully survived
It took more than five minutes flying out of the smith family compound even when the crane he sat on was moving with high speed, this shows how vast the smith family was it was even bigger than a village in the real earth where he came from. After escaping completely, he travelled several kilometers away before disposing the crane which flew away happily, it has been freed surely it would be happy and feel gratified to the person that rescued itIt was early in the evening, the sun was still up in the sky giving it's beautiful glow but this time it was weaker and didn't radiate much heat as usualKen stopped by a house where he could see his reflection on the glass, he has the same color of hair as his previous life, white blonde and his sharp eyes was blue and has a lot of coldness in themKen stomach suddenly grumbled alerting the person inside the house who immediately asked who was outside thereKen did not answer, instead he walked toward the front door of the house and opened i
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Gregor smith
Back on earth, Ken was always tormented by numerous nightmares, and sometimes he did not even go to sleep and would rather spend his time gaming and chatting with Evan, his best friend. He never told anyone of his nightmares, but when he was a kid, his father used to tell him that when a dream kept coming during the night, it meant it was going to take place no matter how unreal it was. He doubted his father at some point until he saw the special ad notification on his computer and then the vortex that appeared and sent him to this world to be reincarnated inside the body of another Ken.To prove his nightmare was real, Ken had to prove his life in this world was dangerous. There was magic just like in his dream, and there was also a lot of enemies; normally, they were more powerful than him and would easily kill him if they wanted to, but thank his luck, he managed to get a system. Congratulations! You have succeeded in dominating the villain dominance system with your wise think
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Gregor walked inside the house with a raised shoulder as though he wanted to flirt with her using his authority, but what he did not know was that his handsomeness was not enough to win the heart of pretty Mia.The nobles always act brazen in the presence of commoners, which Mia is disgusted at, because everyone is equal and needs to be treated equally. However, the world is becoming something else as long as your family is wealthy, you can walk into the street naked, and the commoner has no right to look away; instead, they are expected to clap their hands even if the d isn't even as big as a child's. Gregor searched everywhere in the house twice, but he did not see any Ken. He left the house with a frown on his face, without even bothering to apologize to the person whose rights he had just violated. Mia frowned, her eyes on the departing horses. She was still looking at the horse when she heard the sound of a window opening in her house. She rushed toward the place the sound was
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The Smith family is the strictest when it comes to protecting the honor of their family. In the past, they started a war because the king of a certain kingdom failed to recognize their presence. They won the war, but they did not take that kingdom, stating that it was just trash when compared to theirs. Jack Smith is the ninety-ninth patriarch of the Smith family. He started his reign at a pretty early age after his father was killed, and since then he has been managing the kingdom in his own way. His second brother took care of the seat when he went to the grand magic academy; after graduating from the magic academy, he was sent to the Aqua Tower and reached tower master rank before coming back to take over his seat. His magic might make it impossible for those who have thoughts of taking over his seat to take over the seat.Ken was inside a room reading the history of the Smith family; he gained more information from it and was even able to find out why the family hates the eleme
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Jack smith
The horse galloped its way away from the transportation unit; it wasn't that big like the other horses, but it was fast when it moved with just one passenger, which in this case was Ken.Two hours have passed since he started his journey; according to the old guy, it would take about two days of continuous travel without rest before they could reach the Hunched Flame kingdom. With rest, it should take about three days for Ken to get there. In this journey, he did not want to hurry too much; it was better to reach there in good health than under the hot pursuit of the Smith family, who are on the run right now......Jack Smith climbed onto the back of the flying battle horse; behind him, a small number of soldiers were also mounting their battle horses. He would go and search for the bastard who killed his last child, who was already showing how talented he was with the water element; his mana core was even better than that of his brothers. And he even has a high chance of getting
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Magic cultivation
"Have you heard, the smith family is searching for someone; they even went ahead to place a bounty of ten silver coins on his head." "What could have been the crime of that unfortunate person? The Smith family is always cruel, and you test it even better when you go looking for their trouble." "Bruh, do you think it's a normal crime? I heard that person has something to do with the rampage of demonic beasts the Smith family has captured; even the patriarch of the Smith family is after his head." The news of the Smith family going around the kingdom searching for something has spread among the people of the great Ci kingdom.Unfortunately, none of them have set their eyes on Ken; none of them have even seen his face before, which has made them a little bitter on the inside because they could not get the bounty on Ken's head. One silver coin is enough to feed a family of six for two weeks if they eat three times a day and even get snacks. Ten of them would surely be enough to take c
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