The formidable son-in-law

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The formidable son-in-law

By: RuneManny OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Story about a boy whose father's friend is a very rich man. His father died while both of them were accumulating wealth and everything went to the man. When the man became old, he brought his friend's son to inherit his wealth, and to marry his daughter. And being a stranger, he has to survive in a world where he is being targeted by both family and business rivals.

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12 chapters
Chapter 1
People stood all around the train's platform, expecting the train to arrive. Few were seated. Others were just standing around pressing their mobile phones. Despite being a place where few people were interested in talking to each other, it was still a very noisy place. A mother held her child close to her waist, he was wandering far from her. He would jump around, but she did not want him to hurt himself. They were standing close to the ends of the rail line, and she would not want her son to jump on to the rail track by either mistake or his curiosity, or whatever reason makes people fall into rail tracks. Also, she did not want him to step on others. It would be weird if he is the reason she would have to talk to people. She wanted to leave the train station as soon as possible. And far into the rail tracks, she saw a figure approaching her. Instead of it being the figure of an oncoming train, it appeared to be that of a man walking slowly towards her. She moved back a bit, scare
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Chapter 2
Dad?" A male voice from beyond the crowd called. John stretched himself to look at where the voice came from. The young man rushed down on his knees beside his father. "Dad, what's wrong?" "Is there any doctor here on the train? Please help me," he asked. No one answered him. He crawled to a man's knee. The man moved back. "Anyone at all? Please my father will reward you," the young man assured them. John wanted to move forward. But he wasn't sure who the man was. He was just escaping something, and he is not ready to plunge himself into the middle of another crisis. He looked back at the lady he sat down beside. She was still engrossed in her music, and the creepy man was still staring at her. It was when their eyes met, that the man seemed interested in what was going on. "What's happening?" The man asked loudly. He got the attention of the lady that had been ignoring him. She stood up and knelt on her chair. She turned and looked at the crowd. She removed her earpiece. "I am
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Chapter 3
"You do realise that we just saw a quack doctor try to heal your father. Won't you just wait till we get to the station and real doctors attend to your father?" A man advised the boy. "I agree with him. Especially this one that looks dirty and God knows where he came from," a woman supported the man. "But we don't know what's wrong with him and if it's an emergency," the boy defended John. "That's more reason why you should just be calm. Don't let them touch your father as they please," another replied. "Are you sure you can take care of him?" "With the little things I have here, I should be able to bring him back to consciousness. It's only normal that I givs him first aid, then…""He is only interested in the reward. You will be sorry when this man kills your father," someone else interrupted John. John looked into the boy's eyes. It was as if he was asking the boy his choice. The boy's eyes got red, and tears began dropping. John felt he must either be eighteen years or some l
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Chapter 4
Mr. Dandelion grabbed Mark's hand with a smile on his face. "Welcome boy," he shook Mark's hand. Mark bow to the man before him. He looked at Mr. Dandelion clearly and he questioned all he had been told about Dandelion. Right beside Mr. Dandelion is his grandson. His grandson looks strong and healthy but still could not be compared to his grandfather's shape. Mr. Dandelion was tall enough that Mark had to raise his head slightly up to see the man's facial features. Since he got to Merrydam, he had not been afraid of anyone or surprised by anything. Not even the way he was treated by the security guards. But he is rather surprised and a bit scared by Dandelion. Dandelion has the facial features of what he had always classified as a real man. Just the perfect body. And a very big smile on his face. A smile that intimidates Mark"Thank you sir!" He replied and returned his smile. "Glad you made it. Let's go inside," Dandelion walked towards his car. Mark didn't follow immediately. D
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Chapter 5
Mark coughed the food in his mouth out. It splashed just beside the one in the plate. "What?" Everyone on the table gasped. Mark looked up at Mr. Dandelion. "Uhm… sir, that's not why I am here," Mark protested. "It is," Dandelion handed him the letter that Mark brought from his boss. It read that Mark was sent there as per agreement between both of them. It was agreed after Mark was to marry Dandelion's youngest daughter. "Dad, that's not possible," a lady stood up and bangs the table before her. She shot an angry eye at her father. Her frown made her look fierce. A spitting image of Dandelion himself, except more feminine. Mark wondered if her smile would be as beautiful and reassuring as that of Dandelion. "Anna!" A woman responded. "What mother? Your husband has spoken and you can't go against him? Why would he pick such a barbaric boy for me? You saw him when he walked in this afternoon, didn't you? He was…""Anna!" A man screamed at her. He is the closest to Dandelion. His
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Chapter 6
Mark sat alone in his room. Wondering how things turned this way. His master didn't tell him this was what he would be coming to face. His master did not give him any information at all. All he knew was that he would come to see Mr. Dandelion and stay for a while. He never knew he would be getting married. The only thing that excites him is the thought of having to stay in this beautiful apartment. There was nothing more perfect than that. The home he had admired immediately he saw it, will be a place he will be living in. And to top it off, married to the daughter of the house. How unexpected luck did he get. He was still on the bed when he heard footsteps. They weren't fast. They were striding slowly towards him. He figured it must be Mr. Dandelion. But then underneath the large striding is a quick short one. Mark knew it must be his daughter's. He stood up and arranged himself. He sat at the edge of the bed, expecting a knock. But to his surprise, Mr. Dandelion opened the door
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Chapter 7
"So now that both of you know this, you will be staying together in this room for the main time. Get to know each other better okay?" Mr. Dandelion said. Mark nodded. Anna didn't give a response and he walked out of the room. Mark did not move from where he was sitted. He understands the amount of hatred Anna probably has towards him. And he understands if she would not talk to him at all. So he didn't say anything to her. She was sobbing now. "Hey," he greeted her. She ignored him. "Can I say something?" He asked her. Anna did not respond. She did not even look towards him. "Truth is I am as surprised as you are right now. I never thought this is what I came here to do. I thought it would be a simple bodyguard mission, and all I would have to do was protect Me. Dandelion or someone in his family. I am from Port Harcourt," she said. She gasped. He knew he got her attention. "I was an adventurer and all I ever did was either make researches about new things or protect people. I do
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Chapter 8
Mark, who was tired from the day's journey, slept immediately when he got on the bed. He slept off and did not bother himself much with the fact that he is to get married to someone else. That would be something to be worried about some other time. And he even tried not to think about it because he knows how impossible it is to change his master's opinion. Except if Mr. Dandelion will one day wake up and revoke his statement, but as of now, he has to accept reality. In the morning of the next day, he woke up later than usual. He heard someone's voice in the room. And after a few moments, he realised it was Anna's voice. It's not something he is used to yet. "Yes sir. I am almost done preparing for school… I should wake him? Father, are you serious about this?... I am sorry," he heard her talk over the phone. He knew it was Mr. Dandelion. Mark wished they would allow him to sleep more. He stayed in bed and listened more to Anna talking with her father. She was being less rebellious
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Chapter 9
Fifteen minutes after they left home, Henry came to a stop in front of a building. A very large building almost as majestic as Mr. Dadnelion's home. It's painted in a unique colour. It has the colour of the short he is wearing. "Is this the school?" He asked. "Yes," Henry answered. "So should I get down here or you will take us inside.""You will walk inside," Henry answered. Mark came out immediately. He looked at the school once again. It has two gigantic buildings by the side. And looking through the gate, Mark saw lots of students dressed like him, hanging around the school. Some were in pairs, and some alone. He liked the atmosphere, but he tried hiding it. It would be the first time he will be around so many people of his age range. He felt like it would be an interesting adventure. An exhilarating experience. One he is looking forward to. "By the way, Mark, before you find out or you know places, you would have to stick with Anna for at least few weeks. You got that Anna?
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Chapter 10
The class went by slowly for Anna, and a bit averagely for Mark. Everything he learnt on class where things he already knew. But for the sake of revision, he was glad he attended. Also, there were some stuff that his master didn't hint on. Mark believe either they are completely useless or the biology teacher is just adding fillers to make her notes comprehensive. He could not imagine his master to be wrong when it comes to science. But he enjoyed how conversational the class was. And when the lecturer left, a mathematics teacher came in. Even though Mark isn't bad in the course, his lack of interest for the course makes him a bad student. The teacher left almost an hour later, and the bell rang for break. Mark stood up immediately and went to Anna. "Hey Anna," he called her. He knelt down before her. "What?" She replied with a little bit of hostility. "Ever since we got in here, I have been hungry. I need food. Can you take me to the canteen?" He asked her. Anna sighed. She look
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