The girl on swing

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The girl on swing

By: Razee Zainal OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Alex is a young college student. Living with his two buddies, life seems perfect to him. One day, without even realizing, he felt in love. A girl so misterious caught his eyes on his way back to his dorm. Its an instant clicked. But, their relationship is deeper than that. Some secret are never meant to be keep forever. Little by little, his friends started to uncovers much hidden secret of the unknown girlfriend. She returns to seek vengeance on those who wronged her in the past. And Alex, now that he knows the truth, is willingly assisting her, unaware he too will perish.


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18 chapters
Part One
"Please don't do this to me," pleaded the poor girl. "Please let me go please... please why do you have to do this to me?" she sobbed. After the beating, her clothes were ripped and she was covered in blood. “Why? Did you inquire as to why? "You bitch... because I can," he replied. "What are you waiting for, guys?" "Let's get this party started," he said, motioning for the other guys to strip. He was holding a bottle of wine in his other hand."What are you up to?" "No no nooooo," she screamed, pleading for mercy. She fights as hard as she can, but it's too late. She was naked after they stripped her. And they each take turns raping her. She was no longer able to struggle by the time the fourth guy entered her; she had run out of energy. She was emotionless as she lay on the cold floor. Her tears are no longer wet. She only knew she had to save herself. She needs to flee. "Please guys, you got what you wanted, just let me go," she pleaded. "Are you insane? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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Part Two
“But it is raining right now and it is quite dark,” said Alex concerned. She just smiles at him. And said, “oh I know that, but I like it that way, it makes me feel at peace, after all, it wasn't so bad it is not a thunderstorm and if you can see me from there, so I assume it wasn't so dark after all isn't it?” Well what she said is right, he still can see her so it was not that dark. “Aren't you afraid, I mean playing here alone in a time like this? He asked. “No, I'm used to it, I have played here for the past 3 years, nothing ever happen to me,” she answered. “Alright then if you said so. Just be careful when you are here. If it keeps raining, you should go back home, alright. Don't stay here too long” Alex said before he bid farewell to the girl. “Thank you so much, don't worry, you take of yourself too sir,” said the girl. Alex then continues to his room. The rain does not seem to stop anytime soon. As he was standing in the rain while talking to the girl just now, he was all wet
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Part Three
The two of them headed to the dance floor. Lady Gaga’s Just Dance was playing loudly. They squeezed among the crowd and started dancing. Brandon has forgotten what happened previously at the park. He just danced to the music. From distance, his friends were looking at him. “What's with him? Who is the dancing with?” said one of them. Although the club was dark, one can see that Brandon was dancing alone. However, it seems like there was someone else with him. “Just let him be, maybe he’s tired or something, we should just enjoy ourselves here,” said Josh. While enjoying himself, Brandon suddenly asks “what are you doing after this?” “Hmmm not sure maybe head home I guess. Why do you ask? What’s on your mind?” Tiffany said. “Well if you don't mind, maybe you can come to my place later, we can talk more,” said Brandon. He knew that every girl will not want to miss the opportunity to spend a night with him. “Well since you ask politely why not,” she said. Brandon has that proud grind o
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Part Four
It has been two days since Brandon left his friends at the club. Many of them tried to contact him but failed. He even failed to turn up for practice on the weekend. They tried looking for him at his apartment but according to the caretaker, he never return to his apartment. His roommates Alex and Jason also have been searching for him for the past two days. Nobody knows where he went or where he is. Maybe he needed some time to himself and went off grip during the weekend. But it's also highly impossible because Brandon is not like that. He would rather spend his time partying than going off-grid. Meanwhile, near a forest reserve some 50km away from the campus, a police patrol car was called in as a car was found in a ditch. As the place was quite deep, a backup was called in. The police together with a few firefighters and forest rangers went down to the car for inspection. Though the car was badly damaged, they found a naked man lying in the back seat of the car. He was sound asle
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Part Five
Jason suddenly spoke “Mrs. James, what happened to Brandon? How did he end up in that place?” “To be honest, I don't even know. Brandon hasn't said a word about what happened. Did you guys talk to him? Did he say anything? Alex and Jason just shake their head. Jason continues “what the doctor say? Is he alright?” “Hmm, according to the doctor, Brandon only suffered a minor injury and some scratch to his head. Other than that, he is fine. Maybe he is just still traumatized or still trying to figure out what happen” said Mrs. James. “I can only pray for his speedy recovery and he’s back to normal. In the meantime, I will just let the police investigate what happened” she continues. “It's already late, maybe you two should go back first, you can come back tomorrow,” said Mrs. James. “Yes Mrs. James, we should get going now. You don't have to worry, we all praying for his recovery too. Hopefully, there’s nothing serious happening to Brandon” said Alex. They later bid farewell to Mrs. Jam
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Part Six
What happened to Brandon has caused a wave of gossip amongst the students. Some speculated that he was drunk and had an accident. Others speculated that he was abducted by a ghost and put in that position. Some also speculated that it was all just a prank by his friends. Nonetheless, all the gossip doesn't make sense as there is no evidence as to what happened. According to the police investigation, although Brandon was drunk that night, the was no trace of an accident from the area. It's just that his car was found down the ditch. Second, if it was a prank by his friend, how did they manage to put the car down there. As to the speculation that he was abducted by a ghost, it was far beyond the scope of the duty of the police to investigate that. After all, they are not qualified to make any comment on that at all. The only piece of information that the police had is that he left the nightclub with a girl. The identity of the girl on the other hand is unknown even to his close friends
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Part Seven
“Here you go it's all your books,” said Jason. He gave the book to the girl. The girl on the other hand had a very sour face. She just took the book and stuff it back into her tote bag. She didn't even say thank you. “Look, I'm sorry for what had happened. If it helps, let me buy you another takeaway.” Jason was feeling a bit guilty after looking at her dress and so he tried to make it up to her. “It's okay, I'm not hungry anymore. I need to go wash my dress first,” she said. Although she was no longer shouting, from her tone alone, one can guess that she is still angry. “Hmm alright alright, maybe some other days?” Jason still insists to buy her food. “I'm sorry please at least let me buy you some food maybe not today... some other day perhaps?”.. “some other days perhaps” she replied. She don't even wait for Jason to respond and just left him there. Jason has wanted to get her phone number so that he can later apologize and ask her for a proper dinner. Unfortunately, by the time he
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Part Eight
Brandon stands in front of the sink. He opens the water tap and washes his face a few times. “It cannot be real, isn't it? It's just rumor, there is no truth in it” he whispers to himself. He looks at the mirror in front of him. He looks worried. He looks pale. He washes his face again. He closes his eyes. His memories com flashes in. He still remembers that day, some 5 years ago when he was still a junior in his college. The police had cordoned off the park after a cleaning crew who was doing some Maintainance works at the park found a dead body hanging at the park. It was exactly at the swing that the body was found. They also found a handwritten note with the girl. Since there is no other clue, police have concluded that the girl committed suicide. The post mortem report of the girl was never released and was sealed off by the police. The management of the college later decided to close down the park for good. They had also put up a fence so that no one will ever enter the park any
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Part Nine
“Brandon Brandon are you okay?” Alex was terrified after Brandon who was sleeping suddenly screaming. He quickly tries to wake Brandon from his sleep. Jason who was doing his homework is also shocked. It's only 10 pm and Brandon had already experienced a nightmare. Both he and Alex try to wake Brandon but he keeps on screaming. Jason later splashed some mineral water towards Brandon's face and with that, he suddenly wake up and stop screaming. He was sweating like crazy. “Where is it? Take it out” that's the only thing Brandon said once he wakes up. “Brandon, what is it? You had a bad nightmare” said Alex softly. “Here drink some water,” said Jason while handing him mineral water. “Guys, it's terrible. I never had that kind of dream before... it's so real... oh thanks,” said Brandon. He took the mineral water and try to drink it but it taste weird. “What is this Jason? It tastes weird” ask, Brandon. “Oh it's blood, just the way you like it Brandon, drink more,” said Jason. He and Ale
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Part Ten
The next morning, everyone was awake. They pretended as everything was normal. Brandon quickly left for his class while Alex are on the way to the library. Jason on the other hand had just returned from his morning jogging. Everything seems quite normal. Nobody talk about what happened last night nor did anyone seems to care anymore. On his way to the library, Alex passes by the park. He takes a look at the park. It was 9.30 in the morning. The sun shines bright. It was clear that the park has been abandoned for some time. Alex focuses on the swing. It seems as it never ages even a bit. At least to his eyes. The swing looks as if it was newly installed. No wonder his girl always chooses the swing. He forgot what others are saying that the swing was old, broken, and not properly maintained. To him, those people are missing the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Suddenly his phone vibrates. It was one of his classmates. “Alex are you going to class today? What class? Asked Alex. “We have
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